Nissan Recalls Thousands of SUVs: Could Yours Be One of Them?

Updated: Mar. 03, 2023

The Nissan recall potentially affects over 700,000 SUVs in the United States. Find out if your car is included.

Occasionally, car models have a defective part, and the manufacturer must issue a recall. When your car’s manufacturer issues a recall, it’s important to find out if your model is one of the ones affected. Unfortunately, recalls do happen on occasion. One of the most recent was a Tesla self-driving cars recall.

Now, another popular manufacturer recently issued a recall that could cause significant problems on the road and an increase in avoidable car crashes. According to a Feb. 16 recall report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Nissan has issued a recall for over 700,000 cars. Here’s everything to know about the recent Nissan recall and if it affects you.

Why Has the Nissan Recall Been Issued?

In Nissan’s recall report, the manufacturer cites a problem with a jackknife-style ignition key. The jackknife ignition key carries the risk of collapsing into a folded position while someone is driving. Per the Nissan recall report, “The jackknife key may not hold the key blade in the extended ‘open’ position. Over time the internal pivot of the jackknife key may weaken, and the key fob could unlock and rotate downwards.” This rotation of the key fob downwards is the “collapsed” position, which leaves the driver in danger of accidentally turning the car off while it’s being operated. Any contact with the key fob in its folded position may shut the car off, which leaves the driver at risk of a crash.

What Nissan Models Are Affected?

Cars on an Assembly Line at Nissan Motor Company Junko Kimura/Getty Images

The jackknife-style ignition key is only in specific car models (rather than the breadth of Nissan’s automobile portfolio). However, the recall affects approximately 712,458 cars in the United States, a significant portion of the over 809,000 cars affected internationally.

Here are the models affected by the Nissan recall:

  • 2014-2020 Nissan Rogue SUVs (517,472)
  • 2017-22 Rogue Sports SUVs (194,986)

What Should I Do if I Have One of These Nissan Models?

Nissan is still working on finding a solution to repair the issue, but if you own an affected SUV, you should receive a notification from Nissan around March 17. The manufacturer advises owners of the vehicles not to attach any accessories to their keys that could add extra weight, and to use the key in the open (unfolded) position only. Nissan will notify you by mail a second time when the company has a repair solution.

If you do have one of the potentially affected Nissan Rogue SUVs, here’s what to do:

  1. Call your local Nissan dealer and ask for an inspection.
  2. Make sure you let the dealership know your SUV may be affected by the recall.
  3. If the dealership determines that your car requires a repair, the dealer may have a limited number “of parts or alternative transportation” for you.
  4. Your dealer may insert a “fastener into the key slot that will prevent the key from folding” in the interim of a full repair.

You can also check the NHTSA website and type in your VIN number to search for any recalls on your vehicle model.