What Is Furniture Grade PVC and How Do You Make Patio Furniture With It?

Updated: Jan. 23, 2024

Make your own outdoor chairs, tables, chaise lounges and more from high-quality, exterior-grade PVC. Create PVC pipe patio furniture in a range of colors and styles.

Interested in making cool stuff out of PVC pipe? It’s easy—if you have the right materials. You can even make your own PVC pipe patio furniture. The PVC pipe offered at home centers for plumbing isn’t the best to use for furniture or outdoor projects because it’s brittle, ugly and can’t stand up to the sun.

What Is Furniture Grade PVC?

Furniture grade PVC is specially formulated and manufactured to meet higher standards of quality and aesthetics. It is designed for use in crafting furniture, fixtures and decorative items due to its enhanced visual appeal, smoother surface finish and color consistency.

Furniture grade PVC is often free of the typical markings and imperfections found in standard PVC pipes, making it more suitable for visible applications. Its durability, ease of manipulation and availability in various sizes and colors make it a popular choice for DIY projects and professional furniture making.

Editor’s Tip: PVC is affordable and versatile for home plumbing, but some health advocates warn against it. Here’s to know whether PVC pipes are safe or not.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Furniture Grade PVC?

Furniture grade PVC has enhanced visual appeal, smooth surface finish and color consistency, making it ideal for crafting aesthetically pleasing furniture and fixtures. Its durability, lightweight nature and easy manipulation contribute to simpler assembly and transportation.

However, this quality comes at a cost, as furniture grade PVC is typically more expensive than standard PVC pipes. Its reduced structural strength compared to traditional materials like wood or metal can limit its application in heavy-duty furniture.

Making PVC Patio Furniture

To make long-lasting furniture, use specially formulated, furniture-grade PVC fittings and piping. Furniture grade PVC is sleeker, colorfast (available in white and colors), impact resistant and UV resistant and has no unsightly printing or stampings. You can even make curves and shapes by heat bending it.

Plans for utilizing furniture grade PVC can be sourced from a variety of places. Websites like Pinterest, Etsy and dedicated DIY websites offer an extensive array of free and purchasable designs for creating diverse furniture pieces. Home improvement forums and social media groups also facilitate idea sharing and plan exchanges. Specialized woodworking and crafting books often feature PVC projects with detailed instructions.

Some hardware stores or manufacturers provide pamphlets or online resources showcasing project ideas. Collaborative maker spaces and workshops may offer classes or templates for working with furniture grade PVC, providing a wealth of options for creative enthusiasts.