How to Identify and Get Rid of Flying Cockroaches

Updated: Mar. 30, 2023

Moving around faster and infiltrating homes easier, flying cockroach species are pests requiring patient and systematic pest control solutions.

If you are wondering whether cockroaches fly, the answer is yes — for some species. While not all cockroaches have wings, many do, and they use their wings for safety and travel. When dealing with flying cockroaches, the search for a strong pest control solution becomes more difficult.

What are Flying Cockroaches

Many species of cockroaches have wings, but quite a few are poor fliers or don’t fly at all. Some will use their wings to glide from high locations to lower ones, while others lean primarily on their legs. However, some species of roaches do and will fly.

Types of Flying Cockroaches

Species of cockroaches that do fly include the Pennsylvania Wood cockroach, Smokybrown cockroach, Australian cockroach, and Asian cockroach. While not very good at flying, the American cockroach is one that will glide from a high spot such as the top of a cabinet down to a countertop.

Flying Cockroach Behaviors

Most cockroaches are nocturnal. These are no exception. These types of cockroaches often will go unnoticed for long periods since they typically only fly at night, making it difficult to spot them. They do, however, fly indoors when attracted the bright electric lighting.

How to Get Rid of Flying Cockroaches

To get rid of cockroaches, attempt to identify what type of cockroach it is. Once identified, you can then determine the best method of removal. Usually, best practices include creating a clean and sanitized environment to deter their entry.

Methods that get rid of cockroaches include repellents, sprays, baits, traps and pesticides. If you are having trouble identifying the cockroaches or getting them out of the house, call a local professional to provide solutions for unique situation.

Flying Cockroach Safety

When flying cockroaches infest a home, they transport disease and bacteria while contaminating any food they find. If you discover flying cockroaches in your home or business, take quick action to remove them and keep them out.

Cockroach Resources

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