How to Identify and Get Rid of Asian Cockroaches

Updated: Feb. 25, 2022

Don't be fooled by a flying German cockroach. You just might be dealing with the aerial Asian cockroach in the home.

If you think you see a German cockroach flying around inside or outside your house, it actually might be an Asian cockroach (Blattella asahinai). Learn what it takes to keep this pest out of the home and yard.

What are Asian Cockroaches

Only recently introduced to the United States, the Asian cockroach is a mobile and adaptable species of roach, making the south and southeastern states home. Outdoors, this roach can be found around the house in leaf piles, under mulch and in trees.

What do Asian Cockroaches Look Like

The Asian cockroach and the German cockroach look similar, with slight variation. Asian cockroaches are approximately a half inch long and light brown in color, with two parallel bands on the top of its head. One of the flying cockroaches, the Asian cockroach has a pair of wings and likes to use them, especially when provoked.

Asian Cockroach Behaviors

Like some household pests, the Asian cockroach is an omnivore, feeding on anything and everything it finds — plants, flowers, human food, pet food, toothpaste and even waste. Driven by food, these roaches can reproduce quickly and take over a location.

Unlike the German cockroach, Asian cockroaches are strong fliers, so you can find these in high places — on top of major appliances, furniture and other fixtures. Attracted to lights, these pests can often be spotted at dusk or early in the night, entering homes where lighting is brightest. Though preferring the outdoors, they will come indoors and take over a structure.

Asian Cockroach Life Cycle

The female Asian cockroach will lay three to four oothecae (egg cases) throughout its life, each one delivering 20 to 40 eggs. Similar to the German cockroach, Asian cockroaches go through the typical cockroach life cycle and live for three to six months.

Signs of Asian Cockroaches

Asian cockroaches are primarily an outdoor pest, infesting the wooded areas around a home. They are commonly found in leaf and wood piles, trees and grassy areas. In the house, you might seem them flying around or hanging out on top of appliances and fixtures.

How to Get Rid of Asian Cockroaches

If you come across Asian cockroaches in the home, pest control might be difficult. They are fast and agile, making killing them at the point of contact difficult. With this roach being a flier, some of the traditional repellents and preventative measures are difficult to implement, since they enter the homes through windows and doorways instead of cracks and crevices that can be sealed.

If sprays and pesticides prove ineffective, contact your local exterminator to evaluate an infestation and provide a systematic approach to getting rid of the cockroaches.

Asian Cockroach Safety

Similar to other pests, the Asian cockroach can transport disease and bacteria into the home, contaminating food and surfaces. As a primarily outdoor cockroach, they also come in contact with animal feces, fungi and parasites that they could bring into the home. They are difficult to contain after penetrating a location, so quick action is needed to eliminate their damage and dangers.

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