Have You Heard of a Silicone Sponge & Does It Work?

Silicone sponges have swept into kitchens but what’s so great about them and should you buy a silicone sponge?

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If you ever get fed up with the smell of your kitchen sponge, it harbors a lot of bacteria and you should get rid of it. But that’s only a temporary fix because your sponge is eventually going to smell at some point. So how do you get a sponge that won’t smell? One popular solution is a silicon sponge. If you’re not a fan of sponges, you can use this hack to make your own DIY scrubbie!

Does a Silicone Sponge Work With Dishes?

A silicone sponge is not porous, like a typical sponge, so it’s less susceptible to bacteria taking root. Bacteria makes sponges smell so a silicone sponge eliminates that problem.

Benefits of a Silicone Sponge

Silicone sponges get touted as being environmentally friendly because they reduce the consumption of cellulose sponges and will last far longer. Plus, you can wash the sponge in your dishwasher and it won’t scratch your pots and pans. A silicone sponge is also great for other things like picking up lint and pet hair. Try this trick to getting rid of pet hair as well.

Cons of a Silicone Sponge

Since silicone sponges lack the absorbency of regular sponges, they don’t retain soap as well so be prepared to use more dishwashing liquid than you usually do.

Silicone sponges aren’t great at cleaning things other than dishes. Reviews have shown that silicone sponges don’t work well for wiping down counters or stovetops.

How Often Should You Replace Your Sponge?

The basic rule is to swap out your sponge weekly but you can learn more about replacing your sponge. This is how often you should replace your sponge.

How to Clean Your Sponge?

If you want to extend the life of your sponge, you should check out our tips on how to clean a sponge.

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