Smart TVs

A brand new smart TV could be the centerpiece of your living room… and the hub of your entertainment world.

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How to Hide TV Wires

Easily hide TV wires without cutting into your drywall.

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How To Repair the TV Remote

Is your TV remote not responding properly? Here's how to restore your remote to like-new condition.

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How to Clean a TV Screen

Fingerprints on your TV? It's easy to clean a TV screen so it's crystal clear without causing any damage.

A Quality Outdoor TV Under $900? Prepare for an Upgraded Patio Space

This Element outdoor TV turns your deck into the entertainment area of your dreams—all on a budget.

Roku Streambar Review: 4K HDR Streaming Device & Premium Roku Soundbar (We Tried It!)

The Roku Streambar is Roku's first foray into digital sound. How does it work, and does it hold up to...

The Best Presidents Day TV Sales 2023: These 10 Deals Are Better Than Black Friday

Take advantage of deep discounts on top models like the newest Samsung Frame.

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How High Should You Hang Your TV?

The height of your television can affect everything from muscle strain to picture quality. Here's the best way to figure...

Alternative TV Services Your Cable Company Doesn’t Want You to Know About

With streaming services and other alternative technologies, many viewers are ditching cable. These products will help you cut the cord...

11 Voice Assistant Smart Home Products to Revolutionize Your Home

Gone are the days when you needed to press a button to control your environment. Now, you can control a...

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11 Things You Should Never Do to Your TV

Modern TVs require special care and attention. We advise you never to do any of these things to your beloved...

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What Is a Smart TV and Why Do I Need One?

If you don't quite understand all the buzz about smart TVs, here's what you need to know about these televisions...

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Do Smart TVs Have Cameras?

Ever wondered if your smart TV has a camera? Here's what you need to know about these internet-connected devices and...

How to Turn Your TV Into a Smart TV

Smart TVs have enhanced at-home entertainment by making it possible to watch streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime,...

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This Is the Right Way to Clean a Flat Screen TV Safely

Brush the dust off your TV screen the right way with these tips.

10 Awesome TV Installation Ideas

Not too long-ago TVs were large and bulky, severely limiting how they could be installed and displayed. Technology has advanced...

How to Mount a TV on the Wall

Learn how to do this DIY task and save hundreds of dollars with these easy-to-follow instructions.

Best Outdoor Weatherproof TV for Al Fresco Entertainment

Find the best outdoor TV for al fresco entertaining to watch sports, host movie nights or binge a favorite show