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Take ultimate control of the lights in your home through smart home automation.

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4 Light Bulb Base Types To Know About

It's important to get the right base!

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What Does the Ban on Incandescent Light Bulbs Mean for You?

Due to new government rules that went into effect on Aug. 1, retailers can no longer sell incandescent bulbs. You...

Rechargeable Light Bulbs Are the Ultimate Emergency Preparedness Light Source

Discover why rechargeable light bulbs are a must-have for your emergency preparedness kit.

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Light Switch Not Working? Try This.

Light switches can't last forever with all the abuse they take. If one of yours stops working, here's what to...

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Here’s Why Purple LED Holiday Lights Make Some People Sick

Can you get headaches from purple holiday lights? A lighting expert explains why that might happen and what you can...

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The 9 Best Smart Christmas Lights of 2022

Use your phone to control these smart Christmas lights and take your holiday display to the next level!

What Are Mosquito Repellent LED String Lights and How Do They Work?

These string lights could be great for ambiance and keeping bugs away.

The 5 Best Outdoor Smart Lights to Illuminate Your Yard

Brighten up the night with the best outdoor smart lights. They add real curb appeal and make for a useful...

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7 Best Color Changing Light Bulbs to Upgrade Your Home Lighting

The right light color and temperature can help you wake up, fall asleep or set a mood. These light bulbs...

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Light Bulb Buyer’s Guide

LEDs are in. Incandescents are out. Here's everything else you need to know about choosing light bulb types for your...

These LED Bulbs Could Last Up to 50 Years

See why these lightbulbs could be great for your wallet and the planet.

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How to Upgrade and Replace Lightbulbs

Replacing outdated lightbulbs in your new home can create the atmosphere you want and lower your electric bill. Here are...

11 Voice Assistant Smart Home Products to Revolutionize Your Home

Gone are the days when you needed to press a button to control your environment. Now, you can control a...

The 8 Best Smart Light Switches and Dimmers of 2022

Looking for the best smart light switch? These versions offer functionality, convenience and plenty of customization options.

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New Dusk-to-Dawn Light Bulbs for Your Outdoor Fixtures

GE's Dusk-to-Dawn light bulb is part of the new wave of LED lights bringing added functionality to our homes...

CFL Bulbs: Here’s What You Need to Know

10 common questions, 10 commonsense answers

How To Choose the Right LED Bulbs for Your Home

Shopped for light bulbs lately? If you have, you may have noticed that most bulbs sold now are LED (light...

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15 Tips for Choosing LED Bulbs for Your Home

LED lights use less energy, last longer and come in many different colors. If you've been attracted by LED lighting...

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How to Install Motion Sensor Lights

Automatic night lighting, when and where you need it.

What to Know About LED Color Changing Light Bulbs

If you haven't yet caught on to the LED color changing light bulb trend, maybe it's time! At the very...

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How to Replace a Fluorescent Light Bulb

First step? Check the fixture for other problems.

3 Easy Ways to Remove a Broken Light Bulb

Safely remove broken light bulbs from fixtures