These LED Bulbs Could Last Up to 50 Years

Updated: Sep. 08, 2021

See why these lightbulbs could be great for your wallet and the planet.

A new series of lightbulbs requiring significantly less energy may last as long as 50 years, according to a release by Signify, the company that developed the bulbs.

The Philips LED A-class bulbs, available in 40W and 60W equivalents, went on the market in Europe on Sept. 1. The bulbs, in “white” or “cool white,” reduce energy consumption by 60 percent compared to standard Philips LED bulbs, according to the release. The bulbs meet updated European Union ecodesign and labeling regulations that also took effect Sept. 1. It’s not clear when or if they will be available for sale in the United States.

“Our passion for a better and more sustainable world pushed us to further innovate and increase the energy efficiency of our LED lighting,” said Michael Rombouts, the business unit leader for LED lamps and luminaires at Signify. “With this technological breakthrough, we created our most energy-efficient lamp in this shape yet, while maintaining the same high quality of LED lighting that our customers are used to.”

The bulbs use new technology to “cut carbon emissions, reduce material waste, and lower energy usage,” according to Signify. The company claims the bulbs can burn up to 50,000 hours, three times longer than standard Philips LED bulb equivalents. (Signify calculates the 50-year timeline based on three hours a day of residential use.) The bulbs remain energy efficient, using one-third of the energy of standard equivalents, according to Signify.