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Get more tiling tips and techniques to help make you a DIY tiling master.

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    How to Remove Grout

    This oscillating tool makes removing grout easier

    Quick and Easy Tile Repair Tip

    I had a small chip in a bathroom tile but didn’t want to replace the tile.

    Tile-Snapping Jig for Narrow Cuts

    Here’s a simple, homemade tile-snapping jig. Cut two 12-in. pieces from a 1x6.

    Electric Grout Cleaning

    Give new life to an electric toothbrush.

    How to Properly Drill Ceramic

    Never crack your glass tile again with this simple trick!

    10 Common Tiling Mistakes—And How to Avoid Them

    Laying tile isn't the most challenging DIY project, but it can be easy to make mistakes. To avoid any mishaps...

    How to Spiff-Up Thin Tile Grout

    Some gentle scraping with a folded fine-grit piece of sandpaper will rub out dirt and stains on tile grout.

    10 Floors You Won’t Believe Are Tile

    Tile is a staple for bathroom and kitchen floors, but the possibilities when it comes to tiling are endless. From...

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    How to Cut a Large Hole in Tile

    Cutting large holes in tile, like for a shower valve, can be challenging.

    12 Easy Things Everyone Should Know How to Fix

    Whether you're a new homeowner or an expert DIYer, knowing how to fix these common household problems can save you...

    Buff Away Grout Haze with Carpet

    When I tile a backsplash or floor, I like to use a scrap piece of carpet to clean off the...

    A Complete Guide to Bathtub Repair

    Solve any problems with a bathtub with our guide to bathtub repair. From grout to leaks, we've got the solution...

    How to Make Quick Coasters

    Some ceramic tiles and a few finishing touches and you can create quick and stylish DIY coasters for your home...

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    How to Grout Tile

    Many amateurs think of grouting as the easy part of a tile job. But grouting can make or break a...

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    Create Your Own Floor Tile Layout

    Watch as our tile expert explains how to plan your tile layout for professional-looking results.

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    How to Repair Grout That’s Cracking

    Don't tear out the tile, just tear out the cracked grout.

    Cleaning Unglazed Porcelain Tile

    Two types of cleaners will dissolve all kinds of dirt and grease from unglazed porcelain tile

    Pro Tile Tips

    A good tile job is a work of art. We asked our favorite tile pro for some tips about which...

    How to Tile: Prepare Concrete for Tile

    Turnaround tips for an old basement floor

    How to Remove Grout Haze From Stone Tile

    Use a special grout release before grouting porous stone tile

    Grouting Tile Floors: Porous and Uneven Tiles

    Avoid grouting nightmares with natural stone tiles

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    Our Best Grouting Tips

    Finish your tile job right.

    How to Replace a Towel Bar

    Replace an old towel bar on a ceramic tile wall

    How to Install Tile Backer Board on a Wood Subfloor

    Fight seasonal wood movement with a beefy base

    How to Whiten Grimy Grout

    Freshen up your tile without regrouting

    DIY Decorating: Frame Your Mirror With Glass Tile

    A tile framed mirror that's a work of art

    Regrout Wall Tile

    Replace that eroded, crumbling grout for just $50