12 Easy Things Everyone Should Know How to Fix

Updated: Mar. 20, 2024

Whether you're a new homeowner or an expert DIYer, knowing how to fix these common household problems can save you from a pricey repair bill.

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shutterstock_736362115 install ceiling fan
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How to Fix a Wobbly Ceiling Fan

While a slight wobble on your bedroom ceiling fan is normal, a fan that really wobbles is not only annoying but can be dangerous. Learn how to check the fan box, the blade and the blade irons.

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shutterstock_175554785 fix a running toilet

How to Fix a Running Toilet

There is a four-step strategy for fixing a running toilet. The fix will not only give your toilet a stronger flush, it can lower your water bill.

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shutterstock_519670600 living room wood floors feet

How to Fix Squeaky Floors

Silence those squeaky floors. This quick fix for silencing floor squeaks will take you just a day. Bonus: You don’t need any special tools.

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FH03DJA_02848_017 fix a crack in drywall
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How to Fix a Crack in Drywall

It doesn’t matter if your son’s basketball got away from him or you nicked the wall moving a piece of furniture. At some point you’ll be faced with a crack in the drywall. You’ll need taping and utility knives, along with some drywall tape, pre-mixed joint compound and setting type compound to fix the crack so it doesn’t come back.

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shutterstock_227581678 fix a leaky faucet kitchen sink

How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

You can fix that annoying, leaky faucet in about an hour. Even if you’re a plumbing novice, you can handle this DIY repair.

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FH98APR_01296006 fix cracked grout
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How to Fix Cracked Grout

Even the best tile jobs will succumb to cracking grout at some point. If the grout between your bathroom floor tiles is crumbling, there is a quick fix that will save you from tearing up the floor and starting over.

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shutterstock_342891008 fix washing machine repair
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How to Fix an Unbalanced Washing Machine

You threw a heavy load of towels in the washer and now it’s unbalanced. With a level, pliers and a pry bar, you can have the washer balanced again in five minutes.

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shutterstock_302060321 plunger fix a clogged sink

How to Fix a Clogged Drain

Clogged drains usually happen at the most inopportune times. Keep a plunger and drain snake on hand to clear up most drain problems in less than an hour.

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shutterstock_297564521 repairman fix refrigerator

How to Fix Common Refrigerator Problems

Maybe your refrigerator isn’t cooling as well as it should, or perhaps the ice maker suddenly stops working. Many refrigerator issues are simple DIY fixes.

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shutterstock_300424976 fix gutters

How to Fix Gutters

Wind, heavy rain, ice and debris buildup can all cause your gutters to sag or leak. If you can work a cordless drill, you can fix your gutters and save some money. Review these ladder safety tips before taking on this project.

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FH08OCT_492_06_035 Water Heater Pilot Light
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How to Fix a Water Heater Pilot Light

There could be a few reasons the pilot light on your water heater goes out. A common cause is a bad thermocouple, which shuts off the gas to the pilot light.

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repair leather seats

How to Fix Leather and Vinyl

If you have a vinyl sofa, or leather seats in your car, you can fix those tears before they get bigger. You’ll need an inexpensive repair kit and a little patience, but the tear will be fixed in just a few minutes.