How to Make a Simple DIY Jewelry Box

Updated: Jan. 24, 2023

Need a DIY idea for Valentine's Day? We've got you covered.


A half day






Here is a simple jewelry box you can make in an afternoon.

Tools Required

  • Clear packing tape
  • Hearing and eye protection
  • Measuring tape
  • Miter saw
  • Orbital sander
  • Quick-Grip clamps
  • Table saw or Circular saw

Materials Required

  • 1/2" x 4-1/2" x 32" hardwood or plywood
  • 1/4" x 12" x 18" Baltic Birch Plywood
  • 150-grit sandpaper
  • 3/4" x 6" x 20" hardwood
  • Wipe-on polyurethane
  • Wood glue

Jewelry Box Exploded

Project step-by-step (11)

Step 1

Box Top & Bottom

  • Cut a piece of 3/4-inch hardwood to 6-in. x 20-in.
  • Make a groove cut on the two long sides of the board 1/4-in. deep x 1/2-in. wide using a table saw.
  • Next, cut the board into two nine-inch pieces for the front and back using a miter saw.
  • Make two more groove cuts on the end of each board, 1/4-in. deep x 1/2-in. wide with a table saw. (See photo.)

Jewelry Box 2

Step 2

Cut Wood for the Box

  • Cut a piece of 1/2-in. hardwood or plywood to 32 inches using a table saw or skill saw.
  • Rip the same board to 4-1/2-in.
Step 3

Box Sides

  • Cut one board at six inches with 45-degree angles on each end using a miter saw or table saw. (See photo.)
  • Use the piece that you cut as a template to mark your board for your next cut.
  • Cut one more six-inch side identical to the one you just cut.

Jewelry Box Side

Step 4

Box Front & Back

  • Cut two boards at nine inches with 45-degree angles on each end for the front and back boards using a miter saw or table saw. Use the front piece as a template to mark your back board.
Step 5

Dry-fit the Box Together

  • Lay the front board flat with the 45-degree angles facing down. Place the left side board end to end with the front board. Next, place the back board end to end with the side board.
  • Tape all three boards together with two pieces of clear packing tape. (See photo.)
  • With the bottom board’s groove side facing up, fit the box assembly in the groove of the bottom. (See photo.)
  • Now dry-fit the right side to the front, back and bottom.

Jewelry Box 12

Jewelry Box Dry Fit

Step 6

Glue the Box Together

  • Lift the box assembly off the bottom and remove the tape and right side, keeping the front, back and left side taped together.
  • Apply wood glue to each of the 45-degree angles and in the groove on the bottom board.
  • Place the box assembly back into the groove on the bottom board. Secure it with a clamp.
  • Apply wood glue to the angled ends of the right side board and fit it into the box assembly. Secure it with clear tape and clamps. (See photos.)
  • Wipe away any excess glue on the inside and outside of the box with a damp cloth.

Jewelry Box 7

Jewelry Box 3

Step 7

Cut Wood for the Tray

  • Rip two 2-in. x 16-in. pieces of 1/4-in. hardwood or plywood.
  • Make a groove cut on one long side of each board 1/8-in. deep x 1/4-in. wide using a table saw.
  • Cut two pieces at 7-3/4-in. for the front and back of the tray box.
  • Cut two sides at 4-5/8-in. and one partition at 1-3/4-in. x 4-5/8-in.
  • Cut one bottom at 4-5/8-in. x 7-5/8-in. from 1/4-in. plywood.

Jewelry Box Tray Exploded

Step 8

Tray Sides

  • Cut 1/8-in. deep x 1/4-in. wide grooves on both the ends and in the middle on each board using a table saw. See photo for measurements.

Jewelry Box Tray Dimensions

Jewelry Box 11

Step 9

Glue Tray Together

  • Apply wood glue on both ends of the sides and partition.
  • Insert the partition into the middle dado groove on the front and back keeping them flush with the top edge.
  • Fit the sides into the groove on each end of the front and back.
  • Secure the box tightly together with clear plastic tape.
  • Flip the box over and apply wood glue to the inside edges.
  • Fit the bottom into the groove and secure it with a clamp until the glue dries.

Jewelry Box 9

Step 10

Tray Cleats

  • Cut two 1/4-in. cleats 1-3/4-in. x 5-in.
  • Glue the two cleats to the sides of the inside of the jewelry box, flush with the bottom. (See photo.)

Jewelry Box 10

Step 11

Finishing Touches

  • Allow plenty of time for the glue to dry. Sand all the parts using an orbital sander with 150 to 220 grit sandpaper.
  • Finish with wipe-on polyurethane.
  • Add stick-on felt feet as a nice touch to the bottom of your box to prevent it from scratching another surface. Also, learn how to make a simple wooden box.

Jewelry Box 1