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      What Houses Used to Look Like 100 Years Ago

      Fashion is cyclical, but some things in homes never go out of style.

      50 Wildest Home Designs You’ve Got to See to Believe

      Can you imagine living in one of these wild homes?

      13 Airbnb Horror Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice

      Think you might want to become an Airbnb host? Or, maybe you're just using their services while traveling. Whether you're...

      14 Incredible Ice and Snow Sculptures

      One of the most enjoyable aspects of cold weather is the ability to play in the snow. Whatever your age,...

      New Home Sales Hit 13-Year High Mark in July

      New home sales continued to climb in the peak of summer, leading to one of the best months for home...

      40 First-Time Homeowner Pitfalls to Avoid

      Be prepared for these common first-time homeowner pitfalls, so you won't make the same mistakes.

      11 Insane Homeowner Association Horror Stories

      Who knew battling a homeowners association could mean having to go to court?

      Google Home Mini vs Echo Dot: A Side-by-Side Comparison

      Although relatively similar, there are some key differences between the Google Home Mini vs Echo Dot that might influence your...

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      Will a Pool Add Value to Your Home? Experts Weigh In

      A pool’s impact on your property value depends on these variables.

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      Why Do Some Old Homes Have a Beehive Built Into a Wall?

      A beehive attached on a wall of the home! It may at first seem like a totally alarming occurrence, but...

      World’s Tallest Hybrid Timber Tower Under Construction in Australia

      This project is taking environmentally-friendly building materials to the next level.

      Honda Launches Bluetooth App for Generators

      The app gives users more control over their generators and deeper insight into how they operate.

      10 Things To Do When You Have Contractor Problems

      There's nothing quite like a home renovation that's firing on all cylinders. It's easy to get excited when your contractor...

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      3 Shop Tools DIYers Always Reach For

      Seriously, we can't get enough of these!

      Construction Officials Critical of Virginia’s New Emergency Safety Standards

      Last week, Virginia became the first state to enforce a set of new safety standards in response to rising risks...

      Most Expensive Homes in Each State

      Find out which home is the most expensive in your state. Here's a list of the most expensive homes on...

      How Do Motorcycle Brakes Work?

      Knowing how your motorcycle brakes work helps you become a better driver. Here's what happens on your bike when you...

      The 50 Biggest Regrets First-Time Home Buyers Have

      It's easy to overlook some of these small yet very important things when you're excited about buying a house—but you'll...

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      10 of the Toughest Home Improvement Jobs

      Some home improvement projects may look easy, but once you get going, you quickly realize things can be tougher than...

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      Is Renting a Router and Modem From Your Internet Company a Bad Idea?

      Renting equipment from your internet company is easy and convenient, but buying your own could save you money over time.

      50 Super Dangerous Signs That Could Kill a Home Buy

      You might miss some of these signs when viewing a home

      20 Things No One Tells You About Owning a Home

      Now that you've got a house, the responsibility of maintaining it kicks in.

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      Why a Pre-Sale Home Inspection Is a Good Idea

      Thinking about selling your home? Here's why you should consider scheduling a pre-sale home inspection.

      12 Home Inspection Red Flags You Can Actually Overlook (For Now)

      When buying a home, the home inspection can be one of the most stress-inducing parts of the process. Will the...

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      Are Starter Homes Making a Comeback?

      Maybe. It's unclear whether Millennials will embrace modest starter houses the way generations of first-time home buyers did before them....

      10 Fun American Flag Facts

      Brush up on your flag knowledge with these fun American flag facts and historical notes.

      The Pros and Cons to Renovating an Old House

      The pros and cons of renovating an old house