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Pros and Cons of the Most Commonly Used Types of Residential Insulation

There are a wide variety of insulation types used in the construction industry. Learn the pros and cons of each type here.

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Pros and Cons of Attic Insulation Types

What’s the best attic insulation? That depends on your definition of “best”. An expert home inspector goes through which attic...

Save Money With Home Energy Audit

Find out where you're losing energy—and what you can do to stop it

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34 Silent Signs That Your House is Failing

Your house can't talk, but it can give you hints of failure, if you pay attention. Learn what your house...

3 Tips for Spray Foam Contractors

Check out these essential tips for spray foam technicians.

5 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Spray Foam Gun

Consider your spray foam truck as a factory on wheels, and therefore, maintain it as you would any other industrial...

Spray Foam Insulation 

There is no better performing insulation than closed cell spray foam. Find out why.

Why Choose Mineral Wool Insulation?

Mineral wool has some real advantages over the alternatives. If you have an insulation job coming up, we strongly recommend...

Everything to Know About Spray Foam Insulation Kits

We dug up some great installation tips to help you spray safely and get the most bang for your precious...

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5 Insulation Mistakes to Avoid

Insulation keeps your home the temperature you want — as long as it's installed correctly. Here are five common insulation...

Top 10 Questions about Spray Foam Answered

Spray foam experts answer commonly asked questions about the costs, benefits and proper application of spray foam.

Ask the Home Inspector: Can Electrical Boxes Be Buried In Insulation?

Have you ever wondered if electrical boxes can be buried in insulation? Get the answer from our friendly neighborhood home...

Why DIY Spray Foam Might Be a Bad Idea

Here's what you need to know about DIY spray foam and why it's generally not a good idea.

Spray Foam Insulation Tips

Never worked with two-part spray foam insulation before? Here's a guide on how to get in, get out and get...

3 Great Spray Foam Insulations to Consider

Not sure which spray foam to choose from? These have been reviewed as the top spray foams that will give...