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    Can Paint Freeze? Here’s What to Know

    Left your paint in a garage or shed over winter? Here's what you need to know about why paint freezes and whether frozen paint can still be used.

    25 Trees for Every Landscape Need

    Trees play several roles in the home landscape. Here are some expert recommendations for which trees to plant for the...

    What Is Sustainable Wood? Everything You Need to Know

    Trees aren't always a renewable resource. From certifications to retailers, here's what to know about buying sustainable wood for your...

    Pros and Cons of Various Tile Backers

    Learn the pros and cons of various tile substrate products so you know which to pick for your next project.

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    Types of Attic Insulation: Pros and Cons

    What’s the best attic insulation? That depends on your definition of “best”. An expert home inspector goes through which

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    Best-Kept Secrets of Professional Painters

    Learn how to paint like a pro and pick up some great tips for achieving a perfectly smooth and even...

    The 10 Best Dust Collector Machines for Woodworking

    Dust collection is an important part of a clean and safe shop. We found the best dust collector systems on...

    We Tried the Hedgehog Featherboard for Straight (and Safe) Cuts on the Table Saw

    Get the precision and control you need to saw through your next woodworking project with ease!

    Our Turf Expert Put a John Deere Lawn Tractor to the Test

    I'm a turf professional, and I've sold a lot of heavy-duty commercial turf equipment over the years—so I know a...

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    These 10 Best Cordless Brad Nailers Are Worthy Additions to Your Shop in 2024

    Have cordless brad nailers finally improved enough to replace our trusty pneumatic tools? We put the top models to the...

    What To Know About the New Energy Standards for Cooking Products

    The U.S. Department of Energy recently finalized new standards for cooking equipment. Does your stove make the grade? Find out...

    The Eleven Percent: Samantha Pearl and Emily Pearl Reist, My Handyma’am Founders

    A mother-and-daughter duo talks about finding women employees, the niche of helping older clients, and what it's like working with...

    Why Higher OSHA Fines Are Coming In 2024

    Higher fines for safety violations went into effect January 16. Why are they increasing, and by how much? Find out...

    The Eleven Percent: Valerie Adams, Automotive Mechanic

    Valerie Adams talks about what women want in a work environment, the struggles of indie garages and helping Girl Scouts...

    What New Construction Pros Need to Know About Customer Relationship Management

    Customer relationship management software can increase sales and reduce costs. Here's what you need to know about using a CRM.

    How To Grow Your Construction Business’s Digital Footprint

    Every business needs an online presence to succeed in the modern world. This simple guide walks you through the best...

    Test Drive Your DIY Projects with Free 3D Software

    Three-dimensional modeling is no longer restricted to expensive, difficult software. Here's how to use 3D modeling software to streamline your...

    The 9 Best Winter Work Gloves, Tested by Editors and Tradespeople

    Finally! A glove that will keep you warm and protected this winter.

    The Eleven Percent: Meet Tonda Thompson, Woodworker and Community Advocate

    Tonda Thompson talks about the connection between the trades and social justice, serial entrepreneurship and the power of an impact...

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    Making the Leap From DIY to Construction Pro

    Wondering if you can take your DIY skills and go pro? Here's what you need to know, and how to...

    7 Ways to Generate Leads for Your Contracting Business

    Building leads is a key component to growing your business. These time-tested and proven techniques will help.

    A Day in the Life: Jessie Cannizzaro

    A master plumber who owns her own business, Cannizzaro talks to Family Handyman about her journey and career.

    The 5 Best Biscuit Joiners, Tested and Reviewed by a Professional Woodworker

    Ready to "take the plunge" and buy a biscuit joiner? We put five leading brands to the test to find...

    The National Association of Realtors Lost an Antitrust Case. Here’s What It Means

    A federal court ordered the NAR to pay $1.8 billion in damages for questionable commission practices. What does this mean...

    These Are the Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors

    Exterior colors define your home's curb appeal. Here are the year's most popular colors, according to a survey.

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    What To Expect When Starting Trade School

    Career and technical education is on the rise. Is it for you?

    Ever Thought About Starting Your Own Christmas Tree Farm? Here’s What to Know

    Want to keep the holiday spirit alive by growing Christmas trees? It's tough work, and it will be many years...

    Young People’s Attitudes Toward the Skilled Trades Are Changing. Here’s Why

    More young people are finding the flexibility and opportunities offered by the skilled trades enticing. Find out why here.

    The UN Wants Construction to Decarbonize. Here’s How.

    The UN has a plan to reduce carbon emissions and reach net zero by 2030. Here's what it involves.

    Why It’s Important to Learn a Trade, According to a Pro Painter

    Mark Kobriger didn't plan to be a professional painter, but he's made a successful business out of it. Here's how...

    How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Port-a-Potty?

    From backyard parties to formal job sites, here's how to rent and successfully use port-a-potties without raising a stink.