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Keep pests out of your home with DIY tips and advice from professional pest control specialists.

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How To Keep Salamanders Out of Your House

Bright, slimy salamanders are beneficial and harmless. But, you don't want a salamander invasion in your basement. Keep them outside with these tips.

9 Best Rat Traps

How do you outsmart a rat? From catch-and-release to old-school "snappers," check out this collection of top-rated rat traps.

Can This DIY TikTok Hack Solve Your Fruit Fly Problem?

No one likes fruit flies. But inevitably, they appear after you bring fruit and veggies into your kitchen. Now let's...

Vole vs. Mole: What’s the Difference?

A good way to distinguish voles vs. moles? Moles eat "meat," like grubs, earthworms and insects. Voles are vegetarians. And...

If You Find a Spotted Lanternfly in Your Yard, This Is What to Do

The spotted lanternfly is invasive and it's taking over in the U.S. Here's how to get rid of this pest...

Can You Really Use Ladybugs To Get Aphids Off Your Plants?

We love ladybugs for a good reason. They eat those nasty aphids that are sucking the life out of our...

Does This TikTok Hack with Orange Peels Get Rid of Ants?

Has a bad bite convinced you get rid of those pesky ants once and for all? We checked out this...

8 Camping Pests To Watch Out For

From eating your food to drinking your blood, here's how to prevent camping pests from dampening your outdoor adventures.

Spend More Time Outdoors with This Chemical-Free Mosquito Repellent

We tried this chemical-free flying insect trap to limit the number of irritating mosquito bites we endured. Here's what we...

Can This Lavender Water TikTok Hack Really Get Rid of Cockroaches?

Face it: If you see cockroaches in your house, you'll try anything to kill them. Can this TikTok hack really...

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How To Keep Spiders Out of Your House

Spiders are beneficial, but also kind of scary. Find out why these eight-legged friends are flocking to your house, and...

What to Know About the Strawberry Root Weevil

Often called pantry pests, strawberry root weevils can be a real nuisance, especially when they invade your home. Here's what...

Homeowner’s Guide To Japanese Beetles

An insidious muncher of more than 300 species of plants, Japanese beetles multiply quickly, making them one of the most...

Can This Essential Oil Deter Summer Pests?

Hate stinky bug spray almost as much as you hate bugs? This one essential oil might be the answer, but...

Do June Bugs Bite?

We know June bugs are lousy fliers, but do they bite? We asked an expert.

What Are Mosquito Repellent LED String Lights and How Do They Work?

These string lights could be great for ambiance and keeping bugs away.

How These Four Colors Help You Avoid Mosquito Bites

Summer's here, and that means mosquitoes. Can color help in the fight against these buzzing pests? A team of researchers...

6 Ways To Stop Birds From Nesting Around Your Home

It's troublesome and possibly illegal to remove bird nests from your home. It's a better strategy to prevent birds from...

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Best Bug and Tar Remover for Cars

We all know that familiar splat of a bug hitting your windshield at 70 miles per hour. The next time...

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Everything You Need to Know About Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders can give quite a fright to homeowners across the U.S., but are they friend or foe? Read on...

Family Handyman Approved: Ranger Ready Repellent

Check out the buzz surrounding this DEET-free, Family Handyman Approved insect repellent.

8 Ways to Store and Care For Pesticides Safely

If you use home and garden pesticides for weed and pest control, here’s what you need to know to store...

12 Misunderstood Animal Pests in Your Yard

Four experts defend their favorite animal pests, and explain why these helpful neighbors deserve to be a part of your...

10 Misunderstood Insect Pests in Your Yard

Three experts reveal their favorite insect pests, explaining why they like them and why you should, too.

Homeowner’s Guide to the Kudzu Bug

Their name makes them sound cute, but for homeowners and soybean farmers, the kudzu bug can be a downright nuisance.

How To Make and Use Insecticidal Soap

A gallon of insecticidal soap costs as little as $5 to make, and it's easy! Here's how to make and...

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What To Know About Assassin Bugs

A lot of insects feed on other pests, so what earns the assassin bug such a sinister name?

Homeowner’s Guide To Garden Pest Control

From bugs to bunnies, here's what to know about garden pests, how to prevent them and what to do if...