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Keep pests out of your home with DIY tips and advice from professional pest control specialists.

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Make Your Own DIY Insect Repellent with Clove Oil

Our expert herbalist teaches you how to make a safe and effective natural insect repellent spray with three essential oils.

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What Are Mormon Crickets?

Squeamishness aside, masses of Mormon crickets can be fascinating. Here's what to know about them and how to keep them...

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This TikTok Hack Promises to Get Rid of Wasps, But Is It Actually Safe?

Before you go out to buy gasoline, read up on these safety guidelines.

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Mormon Crickets are Swarming These Western States

Follow these tips to protect yourself, your family and your property from the damage these insects cause.

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The 10 Most Common Types of Flies in the U.S.

The swatting season is here! We've got the buzz on the types of flies you're likely to encounter this summer.

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Are Bug Bombs Safe To Use?

The best for pest control or a needless health hazard? Before you buy a bug bomb, here's what to know...

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What To Know About Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management minimizes the use of pesticides. We asked three experts for tips on how to apply IPM strategies...

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Signs That Pests Are Living in Your Cabin

Before you attempt any DIY cabin pest control, you need to know what's moved in. Find out how to read...

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Do Bats Eat Mosquitoes?

Summer means an uptick in bat sightings as well as mosquito bites. Are these two things connected?

The 5 Best Termite Treatments for DIY Pest Control

These treatments are the ultimate 'wood-erful' solution!

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6 Warning Signs Your Pet Has Fleas

Spotting these signs early can stop a small problem from becoming much worse.

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Where Do Wasps Go in the Winter?

Hint: You won't find them flying south.

The 8 Best Fly Traps to Catch the Critters Both Indoors and Out

Forget chasing pesky flies around with an amateur swatter. Keep unwanted buzzers away with the best fly traps around.

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19 Pests That Are Dangerous to Your Pets

Is your pet safe from these common pests? Check for these warning signs and see what preventative measures you can...

Get Rid of Bed Bugs ASAP with the 7 Best Bed Bug Sprays

Send bed bugs packing with the best bed bug spray!

What Is a Bat Exclusion and Do You Need One?

You want bats in your neighborhood for mosquito control. But if you don't want them in your home, a bat...

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Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Clothes?

Avoid mosquito bites all summer long by wearing the right clothing.

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Homeowner’s Guide to Brown Recluse Spiders

The brown recluse spider seldom bites, and the bite won't kill you. Nevertheless, this is a pest you want to...

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Should You Provide Drinking Water for Bees?

You're probably already providing a bird bath for your feathered friends, but did you know bees need water, too? Here's...

You Need This Easy DIY Spray to Keep Spiders Out of Your House

Spiders begone! Use this simple DIY spider spray to keep the critters out of your home.

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Do Mothballs Keep Mice Away?

There are much better and safer ways to deal with mice.

This Easy DIY Hack Will Kill Wasps Quickly

That nest won't know what hit it!

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8 Best Spider Repellents

Arachnids in the house? No need to take revenge. These spider repellents humanely shoo away eight-legged intruders.

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Red Ants vs. Fire Ants: What’s the Difference?

Learn the differences between red and fire ants (color is not one of them). The big similarity? Both are headaches...

Amdro Ant Bait Kills Outdoor Ants Before They Crawl Into Your Home

Sick of ants bugging you? For a wallet-friendly price, you can protect the perimeter of your home with...

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What Are Mealybugs?

Mealybugs suck the life out of plants. If you find mealybugs on plants in your yard, garden or home, here's...

Should You Use Coca-Cola to Get Rid of Ants?

Got an ant problem? Some gardeners claim a bottle of coke is all you need to get rid of the...

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What Do Cockroach Eggs Look Like?

Cockroach eggs incubate in sacs that contain dozens of offspring. But what do cockroach eggs look like? Do you really...