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Pest Control

Keep pests out of your home with DIY tips and advice from professional pest control specialists.

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    Fall Pest Prevention Tips

    Want to prevent mice, spiders and other pests from getting into your home? Shore up your lines of defense with...

    Get Rid of Wasps, Woodpeckers and Flies

    Stop common pest invasions of your home.

    How to Deter Mosquitoes: 7 Mosquito Repellent Tips

    The top 7 ways to keep mosquitoes from crashing your party

    Control Bugs

    Our collection of tips may help you find a bug-busting solution

    Home Care Myths Busted!

    Experts weigh in on common myths and misunderstandings.

    Tools and Gadgets Pros Never Knew They Needed

    Impress your coworkers on the jobsite with your impressive array of specially tools that they probably didn't even know existed.

    Get Yourself out of Prickly Plumbing Predicaments

    Even pro plumbers run into unforeseen problems on the job. Veteran plumber Les Zell shares the cool tools and tips...

    Home Repair Tools for the Pro

    We picked a bunch of tools that we thought our pro readers and you serious DIYers would find valuable for...

    Black Flag® Insecticide Eliminates Flying Insects on the First Try

    One can of a high-quality wasp, hornet and yellow jacket spray is enough to kill off a nest as long...

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    Best Flowers for Bees and Other Pollinators

    Help the pollinators around your home by planting flowers for bees, many of which are easy to grow and low...

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    Tips For Keeping Wasps out of Birdhouses Without Using Pesticides

    Pesticides can harm birds, so they're not the best option for handling wasps that invade birdhouses. Here's a better way...

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    Unbelievable Hacks for Keeping Mosquitoes Away For Good

    Mosquitoes certainly know how to ruin a pleasant summer evening. Avoid them this summer by using one of these unique...

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    This is Where Bugs Hide in Each Area of Your Home

    Bugs everywhere? To get rid of bugs, first you have to find them. Use this guide to flush them out...

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    12 Tips for Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

    Let's be honest: There's no such thing as a squirrel-proof bird feeder. But you can at least take steps to...