10 Ways to Repurpose an Old Wool Blanket

Give that old wool blanket new life with these creative ideas!

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Wool Guitar Case

Guitar players will love how soft their carrying case feels when it’s made from a repurposed wool blanket.

“After seeing many beautiful old blankets in op shops time and time again, some with holes or burn marks but still with loads of character… I decided these beautiful old blankets needed to be given a new purpose, transformed into statement pieces and that is what inspired this collection of guitar cases and totes,” says Etsy shop owner ByMarieNicole.

“I made repurposed blanket guitar cases for both my son & I and after we started learning to play the guitar together, we’ve thoroughly road tested the cases taking them on road trips with us as well as to and from school and our tutor’s studio… the response we had to these has been amazing!”

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Wool Hot Water Bottle Cover

Cover your hot water bottle in something cute that the whole family will love, like a cozy sleeping fox. This one is made from a thick vintage 100-percent New Zealand wool blanket. It’s a great way to give a very bland and obvious hot water bottle a lot more character! Here are creative ways to stay warm in your car, including a wool blanket. It’s a good insulating fabric because it traps air.

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Vintage Wool Blanket Christmas Stocking

Who needs to buy costly stockings made out of cheap synthetic materials when you have a sturdy, vintage wool blanket you could repurpose? For inspiration, check out this one. It’s brown with dark brown stripes and original blanket stitching on the front. Check out these 15 ways to save money during the holidays.

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Wool Tote Bag

Whether as a gift to yourself or a tote-loving friend, go ahead and repurpose your old wool blanket into something fantastic. You can create a large, rustic, hand-sewn tote using a recycled brown leather belt for a strap.

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Wool Handmade Fringed Pillow Cover

A simple wool pillow cover may come off as bland, but with a little creative spirit, it can be both cozy and stylish! Check out this one for inspiration. Made from a 100 percent wool blanket, the soft blue color is accented with a cream fringing and cream stripe on the reverse. Check out this tutorial to make one yourself! Speaking of wool, wool jackets should be hand washed or dry-cleaned. Here are more laundry tips.

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Wool Winter Hat

Gather up that old wool blanket and other quality materials like cashmere and polyester, and create the coziest hat to keep you warm all winter long. This simple project could also be a great gift for a friend or family member who loves to spend time out in the cold, refreshing winter air. Check out these 15 unexpected ways to stay warm this winter.

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Wool Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas tree skirts are expensive and often quite boring. Step outside the box and create something that will make your tree look that much more unique yet cozy. Here’s one for inspiration — it’s a large custom Christmas tree skirt made from a vintage Swiss wool blanket.

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Wool Mittens

Upcycled wool mittens can be a meaningful gift for a friend, or a perfect way for you to stay warm all winter long. These are lined with polyester fleece for extra softness and warmth. You can use scraps from wool blankets in combination with felted sweaters. Here are 12 fun DIY mitten drying racks to try this season.

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Wool Teddy Bear

Give your little one the coziest, most thoughtful gift made with love! For inspiration, check out this handmade quilted bear made from the Chief Joseph blanket by Pendleton. Sweet, simple and timeless, the teddy bear will be a treasured gift. Check out these 30 ways to recycle just about anything.

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Wool Tepee

All you need to make a tepee for your favorite kids to hang out in an open space, some wood dowels and a wool blanket! Here’s a video with more details.

Another tepee option is a kit like this.

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