15 Towns Made Famous Because of TV

Updated: Oct. 09, 2023

These small towns were put on the map thanks to eager fans seeking out filming locations and tours of their favorite TV shows.

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Mount Airy, North Carolina

Widely known as Andy Griffith’s hometown, Mount Airy is a small town in North Carolina offering access to the Yadkin Valley wine region, the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, Pilot Mountain and a whole lot of bluegrass. Andy Griffith used the setting of Mount Airy for the town of Mayberry on The Andy Griffith ShowHere’s how much the average house costs in each state.

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Washington, Connecticut

Fast-talking comedy-drama Gilmore Girls took place in fictional Stars Hollow. The small town was inspired by Washington, Connecticut — a charming New England town known for its picturesque countryside, historic architecture, and active civic and cultural life.

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South Park, Colorado

Comedy Central’s South Park has been alive and well since 1997 and had undoubtedly made the real South Park a famous spot. The show’s fictional setting is based on the city of the same name, which creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone spent time in while growing up in Colorado. The real-life South Park bears little resemblance to the show, however, and is best known for its pure Colorado beauty. Take a look at the 50 most expensive homes in each state.

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Snoqualmie, Washington

The 1990 creepy cult hit Twin Peaks used the picturesque Pacific Northwest city of Snoqualmie, Washington throughout most of its run. Fans of the show have come from afar to discover the notable spots featured in the murder-mystery series, making Snoqualmie famous in its own right. Check out the coolest tiny homes in each state.

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Senoia, Georgia

Zombie apocalypse show The Walking Dead had a plethora of filming locations in Senoia, Georgia. The small town has become a hotspot for fans of the show, offering walking tours of all the famous filming spots. The biggest home in each state is sure to stun you.

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Wilmington, North Carolina

The fictional town of Capeside, Massachusetts was riddled with teen drama on the hit TV show Dawson’s Creek. The show was actually shot much further south in Wilmington, North Carolina, which fans were quick to flock to for a glimpse of the cast filming. Show landmarks like Elijah’s Restaurant (the location of Pacey’s Icehouse) and Black Cat Shoppe (the exterior of the Capeside CD Shop), remain big hits for fans of the late ’90s show. These 15 states have the highest burglary rates in America.

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Monterey, California

Before HBO’s Big Little Lies became a fan-favorite American drama television series, Monterey was just a tranquil beachfront town situated 100 miles outside of San Francisco. Fans quickly stirred up buzz about the beautiful setting of the show, putting Monterey on the map like never before. Here’s the incredible history of flags in every state.

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Scranton, Pennsylvania

It’s hard not to think about The Office when Scranton, Pennsylvania is brought up. Despite the show being filmed in California, residents of the small town were able to revel in shoutouts to real-life locations including Poor Richard’s pub, Farley’s restaurant and Abe’s deli. Check out the most expensive neighborhoods in every state.

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Lima, Ohio

The setting of the popular music comedy/drama Glee was Lima, Ohio and Glee put this city on the map in a big way. According to Cara Stombaugh, Director of Tourism for Lima Allen County Visitors and Convention Bureau, “We had a lot of people stop just because they wanted to buy something that said ‘Lima, Ohio’ on it.”

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Genoa City, Wisconsin

Despite Genoa City, Wisconsin serving as an energetic metropolitan area in The Young and the Restless, the real-life town has a minuscule population of just above 3,000. Nevertheless, fans have come from near and far to tour the area (surely to find out the nearest interstate highway is about 20 minutes from its core!). Take a look at the most famous invention from every state.

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Deadwood, South Dakota

Known for its gold rush history, the small town of Deadwood, South Dakota makes an ideal setting for HBO’s American Western series Deadwood. While the real-life setting is far from lawless as the show portrays, fans can take advantage of a historic tour, throw back a beer at one of the breweries or check out the area’s casinos.

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West Covina, California

The hilarious comedy-drama Crazy Ex-Girlfriend revolves around a New York City-based lawyer, Rachel Bloom, who moves to Los Angeles to chase her teenage crush. And while West Covina may, indeed, be in LA, it’s not the glitzy-meets-edgy area much of the sunny SoCal city is known for. Rather, it’s a pleasant suburb with plenty of chain stores, kitschy malls and beautiful homes. Throughout the first season, “West Covinaaaaa, Californiaaaa!” is sung in the musical hit. Speaking of TV, check out these 30 “As Seen on TV” products.

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Westport, Connecticut

The most glamorous witch that graced your TV screen was surely Samantha Stephens on the show Bewitched. She and her husband, Darren, settled down in Westport, Connecticut, residing at 1164 Morning Glory Circle. The real-life town is known for its extreme wealth, with the average household income reported to be $270,222 in 2017.

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Litchfield, New York

Netflix original series Orange is the New Black made Litchfield, New York famous thanks to its setting in a fictional prison in the small town. Located in upstate New York, Litchfield doesn’t actually have a federal penitentiary, yet offers an ideal location for nature lovers, as it’s situated on the hills overlooking the southern rim of the Mohawk Valley and the eastern rim of the Sauquoit Valley. Take a look at 20 of the world’s most enchanting homes you can rent.

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North Caldwell, New Jersey

HBO hit series The Sopranos was an American crime drama television series was set in New York and New Jersey. Tony and Carmela Sopranos iconic suburban mansion had the address 633 Stag Trail Road (fictitious), North Caldwell, NJ (real). After The Sopranos star James Gandolfini died unexpectedly in 2013, many fans flocked to the North Caldwell cul-de-sac that the mob boss called home to pay their respects. Check out 12 of the craziest things ever found during home inspections.