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20 Secret Santa Gifts You Won’t Hate

Find the perfect secret Santa gift for the office or for family with these Secret Santa gifts you won’t hate.

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Secret Santa gifts

Buying for someone you don’t know well or for someone who has it all is always daunting, but these secret Santa gifts will be great for everyone.

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Duct-Tape-Coffee-Mugvia Amazon

Plug Silver Duct Tape Coffee Mug

Duct tape is a DIYers best friend at times and we’d be remiss for leaving off a duct tape item off this list. So for the DIYer in your office or family, try picking up this duct tape coffee mug, you’ll be sure to draw some laughs. Be sure to show them these 12 brilliant uses for duct tape after you give them the present.

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Weatherproof-Notepadvia Amazon

Waterproof Notepad

There aren’t too many people who think, ‘Hey, it’s raining. I should go journal outside.’ But should the mood ever strike someone, there’s this waterproof notepad. More seriously, this is ideal in the office where coffee spills are known to take place or on the jobsite where all sorts of weather can happen. You’ll want to know this weatherproofing trick for your mail to stay dry too!

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Microfiber-Cleaning-Clothsvia Amazon

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

We’ve extolled the virtues of microfiber cloths several times over so there’s little surprise that they should end up on a Secret Santa gift list. These smaller microfiber cloths are great for at home or the office because they’ll clean phones, tablets, TV screens, car screens, glassware, glasses, camera lenses and jewelry. For $9 you can get a six-pack.

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Salsa-Grow-Kitvia Amazon

Salsa Grow Kit

This salsa grow kit is perfect for the gardener you know. It comes with dirt and seeds for tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro, tomatillos, along with instructions, recipes and plant ID sticks.

You won’t believe what else makes a perfect plant ID device. 

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Plant-Nannyvia Amazon

Plant Nanny

For the person who loves plants in the office or a family member who keeps house plants, the Plant Nanny is a pretty slick device. It’ll do the plant watering for you and you can reuse plastic bottles with it. Plastic bottles as large as 2-liters will fit the terracotta stakes and will last one to two weeks.

Learn these 14 tips to keep your house plants thriving in the winter.

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Smartphone-Projectorvia Amazon

Smart Phone Projector

This smart phone projector is a crazy cool gift for the cinephile who embraces technology yet has nostalgia for old time movie projectors. This projector will magnify your smart phone by eight times to create an intimate theater setting. It works straight out of the box and the most you’ll have to do is adjust the focus.

For a full movie theater experience, check out this home theater equipment buying guide. 

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Tea-Dropsvia Amazon

Tea Drops

Tea Drops advertises its product as the perfect gift for mom and it can be a great gift for a co-worker who enjoys tea as well. It makes for a great stocking stuffer and does away with the clutter of teabags because it dissolves in hot water.

Check out these kitchen tools that are too fun to pass up on Amazon, including some dinosaur tea steepers that are too cool.

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Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottlevia

Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle

Say yes to ice-cold water on a super-hot day, thanks to a double-wall design that enhances insulation in this 12-ounce Polar Bear water bottle. The wide-mouth design means you can load it up with ice cubes for extra chill—and easy cleaning too! Next, see our favorite pet products you can buy online.

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DOSS-SoundBox-Bluetooth-Speakervia Amazon

Bluetooth Speaker

The great thing about Bluetooth speakers is they go everywhere and they’re relatively cheap. This DOSS Soundbox touch wireless Bluetooth speaker is on sale on Amazon for $28 and is a best seller for good reason. Discover a really clever way to amplify your Bluetooth speaker.

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Mobile-Lens-Kitvia Amazon

Mobile Lens Kit

If you know a budding cellphone photographer, this mobile lens kit will go over great. The different lenses attach to a cellphone and has a zoom, fisheye, wide angle and other lenses that will go beyond a standard filter.

Learn more technology hacks you can use for your home.

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USB Charging hubvia

If your charging cables get tangled

Tired of unruly charging cables? This Ventev USB Charging Hub is the answer to your problem. Compact and simple it can charge up to six devices at the same time. Reviews don’t get better than this five-star comment, “This is the bomb-digity of bomb-digity. The best purchase ever!”

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Reusable Heavy-Duty Shopping Bag

If you’re in the market for a reusable shopping bag, you can’t go wrong with this Hemp Go Green Heavy-Duty Shopping Bag. It’s made of 100% hemp and completely plastic free. Plus, we love that it’s strong enough to handle heavy loads of groceries. One reviewer said, “The bag can easily handle 24 full sized cans…with no effort at all and had room left over!” Check out these 10 products that will help you live a more waste-free life.

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Silence-is-Golden-Duct-Tape-is-Silvervia Amazon

Silence Is Golden Duct Tape Is Silver

Maybe this is overkill on duct tape-inspired gifts but it might be perfect for the person prone to making dad jokes. With so many duct tape uses out there, it’s hard not to show some appreciation for a product that has bailed people out so often.

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Ticket-Stub-Diaryvia Amazon

Ticket Stub Diary

If you know someone who collects ticket stubs from concerts or sporting events, help them put those ticket stubs in one place with this ticket stub diary. This way they’ll never lose a precious ticket stub from a Huey Lewis and the News show or their stub from a soul-crushing defeat in the NFC championship game. Maybe a 1998 NFC championship ticket stub from a Minnesota Vikings fan is something a professional organizer would suggest throwing out.

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Bamboo-Charcoal-Air-Purifying-Bagvia Amazon

Natural Air Purifying Bags

This bamboo charcoal air purifying bag claims to solve just about everything except global warming. Jokes aside, it’s a nice alternative to get rid of unpleasant odors while also getting rid of mold and mildew. Each home air purifying bag will last two years and is fragrant-free while it absorbs smells with thousands of toxin-trapping pores.

These are 7 smells in your home you should never ignore.

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Wine-Block-Lip-Balmvia Amazon

WineBlock Lip & Teeth Balm

No one is trying to say someone has a problem if they give someone this WineBlock lip and teeth balm. Instead, it’s something nice to have on hand if you know someone who enjoys a glass of wine or two during a night out on the town because it can be awfully embarrassing to notice after the fact that you’ve had red wine stains on your lips and teeth the majority of the evening.

Wine lovers will envy these 10 incredible wine cellars.

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Press-and-Measure-Herb-Infuservia Amazon

Press and Measure Herb Infuser

If you know a foodie, then they’ll likely enjoy this press and measure herb infuser. It makes mixing in herbs with olive oil or vinegar easy to create fresh flavors to salads and other dishes.

You’ll be surprised to learn these ways you can use olive oil around the house.

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Felt-Laptop-Protectorvia Amazon

Felt Laptop Sleeve

Computer travel bags often lack character or charm but that’s not the case with this felt laptop sleeve, which is not only stylish but will protect your laptop. It’s perfect for someone in the office who frequently works at home during nights and weekends or for someone who travels frequently for work.

Take a look at this elegant laptop stand that you’ll want to add to your home office.

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Cat-Thermosvia Amazon

Cat Thermos

There’s a cat lover everywhere and this cat thermos is something too good to pass up to get for a cat lover you know. It’s ideal for hot and cold liquids and is made of non-toxic, BPA-free plastic. It will keep hot liquids hot for six to eight hours and cold liquids cold for 12 to 16 hours.

If this thermos doesn’t bowl you over, these 12 gifts for cat lovers will.

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Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast is often the most skipped meal of the day but it’s an important meal too. The Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker is a perfect product for those who like to dash out the door in the morning. Breakfast sandwiches can be made in five minutes and you can cook two at a time.

These essential kitchen gadgets will help get you going in the morning as well.

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