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20 Secret Santa Gifts You Won’t Hate

Find the perfect secret Santa gift for the office or for family with these Secret Santa gifts you won’t hate.

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Buying for someone you don’t know well or for someone who has it all is always daunting, but these secret Santa gifts will be great for everyone.

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Faux Silver Duct Tape Coffee Mug

Duct tape is a DIYers best friend and so we’d be remiss in leaving some variation of the versatile tool off this list. For the DIYer in your office or family, this fake duct tape coffee mug is sure to draw some laughs. Be sure to show them these 12 brilliant uses for duct tape after you give them the present.

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Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

We’ve extolled the virtues of microfiber cloths several times over, so there’s little surprise that they should end up on a Secret Santa gift list. These smaller microfiber cloths are great for at home or the office because they’ll clean phones, tablets, TV screens, car screens, glassware, glasses, camera lenses and jewelry. For $5 you can get a 12-pack.

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Hydroponic Herb Growing Kit

Plant your favorite herbs at home with this hydroponic herb growing kit. It’s a self-watering system that uses a net pot and a wick to draw the water the plant needs, so there is very little maintenance to worry about. Plus, the fun mason jar lightens up any shelf, desk or windowsill. All the seeds are certified organic non-GMO seeds.

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Red Cross Blackout Buddy Emergency LightAmazon

Emergency Flashlight, Blackout Alert and Night Light

The perfect gift for anyone who happens to live in the path of severe weather. The Blackout Buddy is an emergency LED flashlight, blackout alert and nightlight all rolled into one.

It can be used as a flashlight at any time and its battery will run for up to four hours. It lights up automatically in the event of a power outage.

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HexFlex Multi-tool

A perfect gift for someone who knows their way around a workshop. This snowflake-shaped multi-tool can be used in place of 15 tools, including a Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, box cutter and bottle opener. Plus it’s compact enough to slip into your tool bag, purse, backpack and more for easy tool storage!

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Tea Drops

Tea Drops claims it is the perfect gift for mom but it can be a great gift for a friend or co-worker who enjoys tea as well. It makes for a great stocking stuffer and does away with the clutter of teabags because it dissolves in hot water.

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20-oz. Insulated Rambler

Whether your Secret Santa recipients grills in the summer, the winter or both, they’re always going to want their favorite beverage nearby while they do their thing. You can’t go wrong with Yeti’s 20-oz. rambler double-wall vacuum insulated tumbler, which is engineered to keep hot drinks hot and cool drinks ice cold.

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DOSS-SoundBox-Bluetooth-Speakervia Amazon

Bluetooth Speaker

The great thing about Bluetooth speakers is they go everywhere and they’re relatively cheap. This DOSS Soundbox touch wireless Bluetooth speaker retails for around $28 and is a best seller for good reason. Plus, if the sound doesn’t meet your expectations, here’s a clever way to amplify your Bluetooth speaker.

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Mobile Lens Kit

If you know a budding cellphone photographer, this 5-in-1 mobile lens kit will go over great. The different lenses attach to a cellphone and has a zoom, fisheye, wide angle and other lenses that go beyond a standard filter.

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USB Charging hubvia

Desktop Charging Hub

Tired of unruly charging cables? This Ventev USB Charging Hub is the answer to your problem. Compact and simple it can charge up to six USB-equipped devices at the same time. You can also lay it flat or stand it up depending on your space and preference.

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Reusable Heavy-Duty Shopping Bag

Everyone goes grocery shopping and, especially now, most people want to limit their exposure to things others have handled. If that’s you, you can’t go wrong with this Hemp Go Green Heavy-Duty Shopping Bag. It’s made of 100 percent durable hemp canvas and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Plus, it’s built to the same size and height specifications of a tall paper grocery bag, so your recipient won’t even have to retrain themselves to pack groceries differently.

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USB outletFamily Handyman

USB Compatible Cover Plate

This outlet cover plate with a built-in USB charger is as easy to install as a regular cover plate. You just shut down the power, unscrew the old plate and screw on the new one. No receptacle replacement required. It’s perfect for anyone who knows the basics about DIY and could use a handy USB charger that doesn’t take up one of the outlets.

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Ticket-Stub-Diaryvia Amazon

Ticket Stub Diary

If you know someone who collects ticket stubs from concerts or sporting events, help them preserve their memories by putting those ticket stubs in one place with this ticket stub diary. This way, those precious ticket stubs from a Huey Lewis and the News concert can be saved and the ones from your team’s soul-crushing defeat can be carefully preserved way in the back.

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Natural Air Purifying Bags

This bamboo charcoal air purifying bag is a nice alternative to a traditional deodorizer and it gets rid of mold and mildew, too. Each home air purifying bag will last two years and is fragrant-free while it absorbs smells with thousands of toxin-trapping pores. If you’re curious about when to use these bags, here are seven smells in your home you should never ignore.

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Waterproof Notepad

The days of canceling or postponing an outdoor project because of precipitation in the air are over with this waterproof notepad. Calculating square, jotting down notes and recording measurements can all be done easily in wet environments as well as dry ones. Perhaps even more importantly, these notebooks are ideal for desktops where coffee spills, lunch droppings and pen leakages are known to occur.

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Wine Aerator

This unique aerator is perfect for any wine enthusiast. It creates a multi-stream drip-free experience and saves you from any errant drips down the side of the bottle. The aerator is lightweight and compact so you’ll be able to experience a perfect pour wherever you go.

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Glass Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

Foodies and home cooks everywhere love these elegant and hassle-free oil and vinegar dispensers from Superior. The system is engineered to control the amount of oil, dressing, or vinegar poured into your dishes, thus creating a healthier meal and preventing a mess. Table and teaspoon measurements are also clearly marked to help ensure accuracy and cut down on unwanted calories. You’ll be surprised to learn these other ways you can use olive oil around the house.

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Felt-Laptop-Protectorvia Amazon

Felt Laptop Sleeve

Computer travel bags often lack character or charm but that’s not the case with this felt laptop sleeve, which is not only stylish but will protect your laptop. It’s perfect for transporting your laptop here and there or just putting it down to sleep for the night. Pair it with this elegant laptop stand and you’ll have the beginnings of a great home office.

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Toilet Bowl Night Light

Illuminating the toilet probably isn’t one of most people’s top priorities. But stumbling groggily toward the bathroom in the middle of the night is when this quirky night light really shines.

It’s easier on your eyes than turning on the bathroom light, and you can set it on carousel mode so it rotates through all 16 of its colors! Best part? It only turns on when someone enters the bathroom, thanks to the built-in motion sensor.

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Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This is probably only for those Secret Santa arrangements that are $40 or under. If that falls within your agreed upon budget, there aren’t too many gifts as useful as this one. The Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker is perfect for those who often dash out the door in the morning. Breakfast sandwiches can be made in five minutes and you can cook two at a time.

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