Our Favorite DIY Picture Frame Ideas

Updated: Feb. 17, 2023

With just a bit of creativity, you can spruce up a tired-looking old picture frame. Try one of these ideas for a simple DIY picture frame you'll be proud to display.

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wood frame
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Twig Frame

On your next hike or walk around the neighborhood, pick up some twigs for some wooden picture frame ideas. Use some twine or a yarn in your favorite color to fashion them into the shape of a frame. You can also try this with cinnamon sticks.

Build a floating shelf to display your favorite photos.

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Wine Cork Frame

Are you a wine drinker? Save those corks and use them to make a DIY picture frame. Just glue them together in the size you need for that favorite photo.

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Mitered Corner Frame

This video shows you how to make a DIY picture frame with mitered corners. These expert tips will turn you into an expert frame-maker in no time.

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Flower Frame

If you have an old frame that needs an updated look, try using a hot glue gun to attach some faux flowers or leaves to brighten it up. You can also try using items such as bottle caps and buttons. Here are 10 of our favorite hot glue tips.

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Old Rulers

Old wooden rulers and yard sticks can make great DIY picture frames. Just cut them to size and glue them together. Follow these tips when using wood glue.

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comic frame

Funny Frame

If you love comics (or you know someone who does), you can use comic book pages to cover a plain frame and turn it into something special using ModPodge. You could also cover a frame with heavy wrapping paper.

Photo: Guidecentral/YouTube

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Pencil Frame

This is a great, inexpensive way to make DIY picture frames with your kids. Glue together old regular or colored pencils! You can use pencils that are all the same length or different sizes for a unique look. Here’s how to hang a perfect gallery wall.

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Old Window Frame

An old window frame can make for a great DIY picture frame. Just cut photos to fit in the window pane spaces. You can also build a mini greenhouse out of an old window.

Photo: RandomDiscoveries502/Etsy

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What’s on TV?

If you can dismantle an old TV and salvage the front panel, you’ve got a creative frame for your favorite painting or portrait.

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Reclaimed Wood

Even small pieces of reclaimed wood, painted or unpainted, can be glued onto an inexpensive, plain frame to create a one-of-a-kind DIY picture frame. Discover 29 ideas for holiday decor in every room.