10 Reasons Why People Are Loving Ombre Wallpaper

Thinking about getting some new wallpaper patterns for your home? Here's everything you need to know about ombré wallpaper for walls, the latest trend in interior design.

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Color Gradation For Your Walls

It’s the latest interior design trend that will enhance your home with pretty pops of color. Ombré wallpaper blends different hues in a vertical design creating a beautiful gradation of color on your walls. This wallpaper brings both color and style to your home which is why it’s a fast-growing interior design trend.

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It’s Cheaper, Less Labor Intensive

People will spend top dollar to have these gorgeous ombré hues painted on their walls. That’s why ombré wallpaper is such a big interior design trend right now.

You get the same gorgeous look in half the time and half the cost. People also favor this trend because it’s DIY friendly, unlike painting an ombré wall which often requires a professional.

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Ombré Wallpaper… Take Me Away!

Would you like to be transported somewhere to watch the sunrise? Or the sunset? We say, yes! This multi-chromatic wallpaper can help remind you of beautiful moments spent gazing at the sky or of your favorite island getaway. It can really set the tone and mood in a room.

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How to Incorporate Ombré Wallpaper

Architectural Digest recommends that you keep bold ombré prints in a smaller area, such as a small foyer or powder room. Light-colored or more subtle ombré patterns can be put on larger walls.

This white to baby pink wallpaper has a soft gradient and looks perfect in this nursery. There are all sorts of different ombré wallpaper designs to choose from to fit the decor and mood of your room.

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Left to Right Ombré

The colors in most Ombré wallpaper designs typically fade from top to bottom. But the color gradient in this design from West Elm goes sideways instead of up and down. These wallpaper patterns add a cloud-like or watercolor feel to the room.

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Peel and Stick

Ombré wallpaper for walls is a great alternative to paint. And, this stuff is even easier to install by yourself than you might think, especially if you buy the peel and stick kind. Installation doesn’t get easier than this. Some wallpaper patterns, like this one, are available as both the peel-and-stick and traditional wallpaper.

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Damask Design

Want a traditional design and ombré coloring all in one? Look no further. Just get yourself this damask ombré wallpaper design. It incorporates the vintage look of a damask print with a modern ombré gradient. This twill damask print comes in all different colors.

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Looking for something that’s of a larger scale for your walls? Something a little bit more dramatic? Well, ombré wallpaper also comes in mural designs. We like this peaceful peach and green ombré forest wall mural from MuralsWallpaper. Ombré wall murals also come in ocean and other outdoor scenes. Here’s everything you need to know about mural wall painting.

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Zig Zag

Want a heavier looking design for a richer feel in your room? This Missoni Sfumato Zig Zag ombré wallpaper has everything you’re looking for. It’s both eye-catching in design and color. It’s great for giving your room a more luxe look and it comes in a variety of colors on Wayfair.

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Striped Ombré

Your typical ombré wallpaper designs usually blend color seamlessly over a wide space. But you can also opt for a striped design. This features more defined ombré lines in between colors. This Graham & Brown Ombré Stripe Wallpaper almost looks like it has been airbrushed.

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