10 Non-Toxic Pest Control Solutions That Really Work

Protect the environment with these eco-friendly pest control solutions. No toxic chemicals here!

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Home Garden Sticky Traps

These miniature sticky traps catch houseplant and garden pests. The pointed bottoms act as stakes, so you can stick them right into the soil around your plants. While they’re designed to protect plants, they’re handy tools for kitchens and outdoor dining areas too. These sticky traps also come with twist ties so that you can hang them easily.

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Fruit Fly Trap

We all love fresh fruit and it’s an essential element of any healthy diet, but we don’t love those pesky fruit flies that always seem to show up uninvited. Making a fruit fly trap from recycled bottles is a low-cost way to banish them. This kit contains two food-grade silicone funnels that fit most beer, soda or wine bottles. Put a little beer, wine or apple cider vinegar in the bottle and wait for the flies to get trapped. The funnels are washable and reusable.

If you’d rather have a permanent trap, this beautiful ceramic fruit fly trap would look superb on any kitchen countertop. It is also available in solid gray, turquoise and white. Keeping the trap out also prevents fruit fly infestations in the first place.

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Flea Trap

Our favorite furry friends can often carry unwanted visitors, which can take up residence in bedding and carpets. This non-toxic, odorless trap is the ideal flea control solution, using heat and light to attract fleas from up to 30 feet away and super-strong glue to hold them once they’re caught. Removal is also quick and simple. With proper cleaning, pet owners can help prevent their animals from bringing pests into the house.

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Slug and Snail Trap

Slugs and snails can munch their way through plants like there’s no tomorrow. Poisonous pellets and pest control products may kill them, but they also endanger other wildlife like birds and can linger in the soil. So an eco-friendly and pet-safe pest control solution is a better option.

A tried and tested beer trap will attract dozens of the slimy scavengers and protect your precious plants from attack. This ceramic snail looks just like a garden ornament, but hides a shallow dish to hold beer. Once the slugs have fallen in, tip them away without the need to touch them. Hostas are particularly prone to damage from slugs and snails.

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Bed Bug Trap

Just the thought of bed bugs makes you itch, doesn’t it? And infestations can be difficult to get rid of. So prevent the critters from taking up residence in the first place with these eco-friendly traps. These pest control traps are placed under bed or furniture legs and they’ll stop the bugs in their tracks. And best of all, they contain no toxic chemicals or additives. If you already have an infestation, these bed bug sprays will help.

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Humane Rodent Trap

No one wants to share their home with mice, rats or other rodents. But you don’t necessarily want to kill them with chemicals or snap traps, either. So consider a humane trap that catches the animal safely, allowing you to release it well away from your home! This sturdy humane trap can be used indoors or outdoors and contains no dangerous chemicals or poisons, so it’s safe to be used around your children and pets. Just leave a delicious mouse bait inside, wait for the rodent to appear, then release it unharmed in a safe place.

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Non-Toxic Outdoor Pest Spray

Many pest control sprays contain powerful chemicals to kill flies, ants, beetles, cockroaches and more. So how do you spray against these invaders without leaving a toxic trail around your home? This eco-friendly spray contains naturally-derived ingredients that are biodegradable, making it safe to use around pets and kids, and it kills bugs and their larvae. It even avoids killing helpful bugs like ladybugs, bees and butterflies.

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UV Light Trap

Flying insects like gnats, mosquitoes and fruit flies are attracted to UV light, so a pest control trap that capitalizes on that is bound to be effective. This trap uses UV lighting and a fan to draw the bugs in and trap them on powerful sticky paper. Then they’re easy to dispose of. Plug the trap into a wall outlet or via USB. This device is great for patio insect control.

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Rechargeable Mosquito Zapper

Check out this bug zapper that looks space-agey and has eco-friendly credentials. This mosquito zapper has a 16-hour lighting time per charge (no more batteries!), and it utilizes safe UV lighting rather than toxic chemicals. It’s lightweight and affordable. Best of all it doubles as a powerful outdoor lantern, making it ideal for cabins and camping. For something that adds to your backyard ambience a little more, consider this PIC insect killer torch, too. Then, learn how to keep pests out of your cabin.

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Ultrasonic Solar-Powered Mole Repellent

No one wants unsightly molehills in their lawn, but getting rid of moles can be tricky. This ultrasonic mole repeller emits a high-frequency signal that deters moles without harming them or the environment. It also uses ground shocks and pulses as an added deterrent, yet it’s safe around humans and pets. The solar cell recharges every day to provide enough juice to power the device all night. Ultrasonic devices like this can help get rid of voles and other pests as well.

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