Trending Living Room Curtain Ideas

Curtains are the jewelry of your windows. They say so much about your personality and they enhance the aesthetic of your space. Choosing the right ones for you is a big deal. Are you looking for something modern? Romantic? Perhaps you want them to be as automated as the rest of your home. Here, we've outlined living room curtain ideas that are trending right now.

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Mustard Yellow

Going bright and bold in the living room can backfire, but mustard yellow is a solid choice for achieving an eye-catching hue with class. A strong , warm yellow pairs well with dark blue furniture or accessories. Here’s how to make curtains double as insulation in the winter.

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Retro Designs

If you embrace geometric shapes and bold prints, you’ll love that retro designs are trending as a living room curtain idea right now. Go for a neutral tone, allowing the print to speak for itself, or choose a vibrant hue like orange to achieve that ’70s vibe. Custom-build your own window cornices for one-fourth the price of store-bought.

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Sheer White Curtains

For spaces with few windows, sheer white curtains make the perfect living room curtain idea. Go for a look that stretches beyond the window and all the way up to the ceiling to trick the eye into seeing even more light than the window provides. Minimalists also love sheer white curtains to achieve blocks of white throughout the living room, offset by modern accessories.

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Soft Pop of Color and Casually Tied Back

Go for a relaxed yet upbeat vibe with this curtain look. Perfect for dressing up a small window and adding just enough color without overpowering the room, this casual-meets-dramatic look is on-trend at the moment. If you’ve still got any of these things in your home, it’s time for an update!

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Tropical Patterns

Boho remains on-trend as a living room curtain idea, but with a push toward tropical prints, such as palm and hibiscus leaves in vibrant hues of teal blue and green. These machine-washable curtains pair well with glamorous gold accents throughout the room to keep the look chic instead of sloppy and busy. From blackouts to sheers, here are 10 patio door curtain ideas to consider.

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Electric Curtain Control

If you have large windows and you like the look and privacy you get from continuous curtains and you’re into home automation, this electric remote-controlled drapery system might be for you. It features a motorized curtain rod system that can be operated by Amazon Alexa with a 1450 adapter cable and Wemo Mini Smart Plug (both sold separately). Here are the dos and don’ts when it comes to hanging curtains.

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DIY Fringed Drapes

Curtain fringe is on-trend, whether it’s for a textured, colorful curtain or something dreamy and simple. The fun touch is a chic and cheerful way to dress your windows and add a hint of delicate detail to an otherwise unnoticed part of the panels. Window treatments can completely change the look and feel a room. Here are 10 awesome ideas that are DIY-friendly.

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Texture Layering

Layered textures are a trending living room look we love. Great for those who can’t decide between window treatment styles, you can instead opt for natural-wood matchstick blinds to serve the functional purpose of darkening the room, paired with fabric curtains that add a romantic touch and soften the look. Try these 13 laundry tips for hard-to-wash items, including curtains.

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Color-Blocked Curtains

Keep things simple but intentional with neutral color-blocked curtains. They’re far from busy or too in-your-face, yet they provide a statement that plays well with straightforward decor or a sparsely decorated room. These are our favorite DIY curtain tiebacks.

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Luxe Fabrics

While light and simple curtains have been all over Pinterest for quite some time, dark and luxe is breaking into the spotlight. Jewel tones are becoming more popular for walls and curtains. Decadent fabrics like velvet, silk and wool offer a rich look and offset modern furnishings that ensure the room remains airy. If you don’t want to fully commit to the dark part of the equation, start with a gray you already love.

From sheer to blackout, romantic to modern, expensive to budget-friendly, you’re sure to find something you’ll love in this collection of curtains.

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