Our 12 Favorite DIY Curtain Tiebacks

Both functional and decorative, curtain tiebacks can help add a little something extra to a room. Try making your own with one of our 12 favorite DIY curtain tiebacks.

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Wooden Beads on a Rope

Start with a rope and add some wooden beads. You could go with a natural finish or paint the beads to work with your room’s color scheme. Just make sure the holes are large enough to accommodate the rope you choose. From sheer to blackout, here is the ultimate buyers guide for curtains.

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Rose Vines

This curtain tieback look like a sweet vine of roses. Use felt roses like these or any other faux roses that you like. Attach the flowers and some leaves to twine and you’ve got an enchanting curtain tieback. Consider these 10 awesome ideas for window treatments.

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Fabric Bow

If you have sheer curtains layered with heavier curtains, try using the sheer layer tied to the outer layer as a tieback. Or, because sheer curtains are inexpensive, buy an extra pair in the same color and use some of the fabric to create a flower you can use as a tieback. Does your home look dated? Try these 12 fixes.

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Star Tieback

This DIY curtain tieback idea requires nothing more than a ribbon and some star cutouts. You could use these star cutouts or make some out of poster board. You can paint the stars and decorate with glitter glue, if you like.

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Silver Ropes

This simple DIY silver rope tieback is casual yet classy. This 3/8-inch-diameter silver rope is easy to tie in knots or bows and looks great in many colors.

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Knotted Rope

For easy DIY curtain tiebacks, try using thicker rope that is loosely knotted to hold back the curtains. You can embellish the rope with a tassel or perhaps some bells!

Do you have old blinds? Try these 15 repurposing ideas.

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Simple Bow

Yes, we’re serious! We love this simple curtain tieback bow because it doesn’t take anything away from the view outside the window. You may think this is taking the minimalist movement too far, but we think this is a case of less is more. Twine like this or a small-link chain are equally efficient.

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Decorative Ribbon

Get creative with ribbon! The possible combinations are endless—try a burlap and lace ribbon or even beaded upholstery ribbon for a unique DIY curtain tieback.

Do your curtains need to be washed? Follow these tips for hard-to-wash items.

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Shell Tassel

If you have tassels for curtain tiebacks, embellish them a bit. Try using shells from your favorite vacation spot (or purchase them) and attach them to a tassel or rope with hot-melt glue.

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Shells can be used in so many ways. Check out this collection of unusual garden borders.

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Cord Covers

Cord covers used to cover up electrical cord and hanging light chains come in lots of colors to match any decor. They are usually machine washable and when pulled over a length of rope or chain, make great simple curtain tiebacks. This is the best way to install window blinds.

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Silver Beads

Add some shine to your curtain tiebacks with some silver fabric covered beads. You can buy styrofoam craft balls in graduated sizes, drill a hole all the way through, cover them with silver fabric and string them on to silver craft rope.

What’s lurking behind those curtains? Learn how to wash your windows like a pro.

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Colored, Knotted Rope

Depending on your decor, try using multiple colors of rope for curtain tiebacks. Here four colors of the same knotted rope is wrapped around the curtain to keep it in place.

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