14 Ways to Repurpose Old Blinds

Updated: Apr. 19, 2024

There comes a time when your blinds just have to go. Maybe they're broken, outdated or you just want a new look. Before you toss them in the trash, here are 15 ways to repurpose your old blinds.

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planter labels from blinds

Make Labels

Whether you have vinyl, wood or metal blinds, think about how you can use them as labels. Try painting the slats to use as labels on bins and boxes.

Photo: Courtesy of My Love 2 Create

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new-fabric from blinds

Updated Roller Blinds

This DIYer took an old roller blind and gave it an updated look. It took some simple tools such as a hacksaw, a drill and a box cutter. For complete instructions, including a how-to video, visit The Carpenter’s Daughter

Photo: Courtesy of The Carpenter’s Daughter

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bamboo-art blinds

Bamboo Art

These bamboo shades are now a work of art. Try cutting them to the size you want, then add painters tape to create stripes or a fun pattern, then paint.

Photo: Courtesy of Reality Daydream

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headboard blinds cover

Headboard Cover

Give your headboard an updated look with old linen blinds. Just weave old linen blind slats over a headboard and staple in place.

Photo: Courtesy of Savings House

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basket from blinds


This blogger’s two cats destroyed her mini blinds, so she took them down and repurposed them by making a basket for a quick storage solution. She used scissors, double-sided tape, a stapler and ribbon.

Photo: Courtesy of Scraps of Life

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Starburst Mirror

Mirrors can help add light to a dark room, so try turning that old mirror into a work of art. Take those old blind slats, trim the edges and hot-glue them to the back of a mirror. You also paint them to match your room’s decor.

Photo: Courtesy of A Girl and a Glue Gun

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Roman Shades

If your bamboo blinds need an update, cover them with a fun fabric and transform them into Roman shades. Find complete instruction here.

Photo: Courtesy of Tiny Kelsie

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Pendant Lamps

There’s an artist takes old wooden blinds and turns them into pendant lamps. He got started reusing blinds and other items for projects when he was young. His repurposed blind pendants come in 12 different styles.

Photo: Courtesy of inhabitat.com

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Play Road Barriers

If you have young children, here’s a fun project. Take some old wooden blinds and transform them into road barriers. Grab some bright orange tape to hold them in place and create barriers and other road signs for fun car and truck playtime.

Photo: Courtesy of balhoff.smugmug.com

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patchwork quilt

Quilt Design Wall

If you’re a quilter, use old blinds to create a design wall. This DIYer cut an old bamboo blind to fit her space and then stapled quilt batting to the top rail. She hung the batting-covered blind on the wall and now uses it when designing quilts, choosing fabrics or for displaying parts of a quilt in progress. Check out these great tips for how to hang a quilt design wall and other unusual items.

Photo: Courtesy of Craft-Crazy

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Plant Marker

Use old mini blind slats to create garden markers. Use them to label bedding plants or rows of seeds.

Photo: Courtesy of Get Busy Gardening

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create art peacock

Create Art

Want to get really creative? Try turning your old blinds into a work of art. This DIYer painted the blind slats, then added a peacock on top.

Photo: Courtesy of A Girl and a Glue Gun

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Use old blind slats as bookmarks. Just cut to size, then decorate with markers or paint and add a string or ribbon. Perfect for inexpensive gifts!

Photo: Courtesy of Tina Crosbie

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paint trim
Jostein Hauge/Shutterstock

Paint Barrier

If you have old mini blind slats, try using them to help you paint. If you don’t have painters tape, you can lay a blind slat flat to act as a quick barrier when painting trim.

Photo: Jostein Hauge/Shutterstock