Scott McGillivray Shares His Top 5 Tips to Identify An Income Property

Updated: Feb. 26, 2024

The host of Income Property on At Home with Family Handyman is back with more home advice!

Looking to make a profit from extra space in your home? Scott McGillivray, renovator and host of Income Property on At Home with Family Handyman, shares his tips on what to consider when you’re thinking about it.

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Check Your Local By-Laws

What are the legalities surrounding rental properties in the area? Can you legally create multiple units in a home?  

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Do the Math!

Look at comparable rentals in the area and make sure your investment will generate a desired/profitable return.   

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Look for Natural Divisibility in a Home

Are there separate entrances for separate levels? Is there access to a basement? This makes it easier to begin the conversion to multiple units. 

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Get Multiple Estimates

Do your homework to have the work done legally and create a rental space you can be proud of.

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Plan it Out

Plan a design that adds to the overall value of the home.

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