10 Hot Tub Covers to Keep Your Oasis Clean and Safe From the Elements

Updated: May 02, 2024

Keep your spa water hot, clean and safe with a properly fitted hot tub cover.

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10 Hot Tub Covers To Keep A Jacuzzi Clean And SafeVIA MERCHANT

The best hot tubs offer a luxurious way to relax and socialize with friends and family, and can be used in practically any weather from summer to winter. If you invested in one, a hot tub cover is an essential accessory. The barrier keeps the water inside free of dirt and debris while also keeping heat from escaping, which saves you money on energy. It’s also an important safety item, as it helps prevent kids from crawling inside while unsupervised.

Whether you have a hot tub or a jacuzzi, make sure you fully understand the types of hot tub covers and what they do. A thick, foam primary hot tub cover is ideal for year-round use. A cover cap protects that primary cover and a thermal blanket floats on top of the water (mainly to keep heat from escaping). Prepare to find the right cover for your hot tub.

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Futura Covers Tapered Custom Spa Cover via merchant

Custom Tapered Spa Cover

This tapered spa cover features a key-operated lock, making it a smart choice for security at homes with small children. The triple-reinforced hinge stands up to frequent use and operates smoothly with a separate lifting device. Unlike some covers that have a mesh bottom, this one features a solid bottom that resists damage from pool chemicals, like chlorine and bromine.

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The Cover Guy Extreme Hot Tub Cover via merchant

Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

This high-quality, durable cover from The Cover Guy stands up to harsh winter conditions and, thanks to its high-density foam and marine-grade vinyl construction, it even withstands heavy snow or ice accumulation. Its materials also won’t absorb any moisture—from the full hot tub or from rain—so this cover won’t get waterlogged and lose effectiveness. Four lockable tie-downs ensure that it won’t blow away, either.

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Gasadar Spa Cover via merchant

Windproof Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub’s hard lid benefits from its own weather protection, especially when positioned in direct sunlight. This Gasadar protector prevents ultraviolet (UV) damage to your expensive foam cover. It uses both drawstrings and buckle straps to make sure it won’t budge in windy climates. Made of heavy-duty 600-denier (D) polyester, it’s both durable and waterproof.

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Classic Accessories Veranda Hot Tub Cover Cap via merchant

Water-Resistant Hot Tub Cover Cap

If you’d like to match your hot tub cover with the rest of your patio furniture, consider this Classic Accessories cover cap. It fits over your existing hot tub cover and add water resistance. When used with the brand’s furniture covers, sold separately, it gives your outdoor space a high-end, coordinated look.

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Spa Depot Thermo Float Bubble Cover via merchant

Thermo-Float Bubble Cover

As far as hot tub covers go, consider this a bonus. This thermal blanket mitigates heat loss, as well as prevents the primary foam cover from absorbing any moisture from the water in the tub. It also provides a barrier to keep leaves and debris out when you plan on using the outdoor hot tub regularly and don’t want to replace the heavy foam lid between dips. It comes in one 6-foot by 6-foot size that’s easy to cut to size with a pair of scissors.

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Myspacover Custom Hot Tub Cover via merchant

Custom Hot Tub Cover

Got a non-standard tub? You can order this insulating foam cover customized to fit a wide variety of hot tub sizes and shapes up to 8 feet by 8 feet. The marine-grade vinyl features double-stitched seams that make it durable enough for frequent, long-term use in tough weather conditions. If any issues arise, the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty.

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Aleko Insulator Top Cover Ecomm Via Lowes.com via merchant

Insulator Top Cover

Those who enjoy the space-saving benefits of a compact personal hot tub spa will appreciate this affordable, insulating top cover to retain the water’s heat and keep debris out. At just 13 pounds, it’s also easy for one person to operate without much effort.

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Budge Mojave Hot Tub Cover via merchant

UV-Resistant Hot Tub Cover

The black-and-ivory tweed pattern of this stylish hot tub cover offers an appealing alternative to solid-colored options. Its welded seams provide a sleek look and contoured fit. This cover is also treated with a proprietary “StormBlock” coating, which makes it waterproof, as well as resistant to bird droppings, tree sap and mud.

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Redeo Hot Tub Thermal Cover via merchant

Floating Thermal Cover

This floating foam thermal cover goes directly on the water’s surface as a more insulating alternative to the bubble-type, thermal blanket hot tub covers. In addition to preventing contamination by leaves and debris, it helps trap heat inside. This cover comes as a 6-foot by 6-foot sheet, allowing you to cut and shape it with DIY tools to your tub’s precise shape.

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Intex Purespa Inflatable Hot Tub Cover via merchant

Hot Tub Cover for Inflatable

If the cover that came with your Intex inflatable hot tub needs an upgrade, consider this replacement cover. It does double duty to keep the heat in—saving you up to 50% in energy costs—and debris out. “[It’s] the cover that SHOULD come with [the] Intex spa!” raves verified Amazon reviewer, Noah.