10 High-Tech Babyproof Products New Parents Simply Must Have

Updated: Nov. 29, 2023

Babyproof products have moved beyond simple corner guards and cabinet latches. Keep your home, car and yard safe for your baby or toddler with these high-tech devices using the latest technology.

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Door Hanging Motion Sensor

When baby starts walking, you can now be alerted when they leave their room in the middle of the night or attempt to walk out the front door without an adult. The Toddlermonitor simply hangs on any doorknob; and if your child leaves the room, the motion sensor sends an alarm to your phone via the accompanying app.

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Mattress Movement Monitor

Babyproofing is all about making the baby’s environment safe, including their sleeping environment. Babysense 7 is a mattress movement monitor that ensures your infant is safe in their bed, and gives you peace of mind knowing that your newborn is breathing and sleeping soundly. It monitors and detects even the slightest movements, and sounds an alarm if no movement is detected for more than 20 seconds.

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Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

As you prepare the nursery for baby, one of the must-have high-tech items on your list is probably a baby monitor. You can’t go wrong with the top-rated Victure Wireless Baby Monitor Camera. Not only will you love the affordable price tag ($30!), but it’s also packed with useful features like two-way audio, night vision and shared account capabilities so both parents can monitor the baby via the app.

All of these home cameras received four or more stars on Amazon, so check them out and decide which home camera is best for you.

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Reminder Alarm for the Car

In addition to your home, don’t forget to take safety and babyproof precautions in the car as well. The Elepho eClip Baby Reminder clips onto baby’s car seat and connects to an app on your phone. The app sounds an alarm if you move away from your car without your baby.

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Nursery Room Thermometer

The Kelvin Room Thermometer and Hygrometer helps ensure the baby’s room is a safe temperature. The cute device has a digital display and changes colors depending on whether the room is too hot (red), too cold (blue), or just right (orange). It also monitors humidity levels, which is helpful when baby has a stuffy nose.

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Pool Alarm

If you have a pool, babyproofing access to the water is essential. In addition to a locked gate, the Lifebuoy Pool Alarm can provide another layer of protection. If a child falls in the pool the Lifebuoy floating sensor detects the movement in the water, and then sounds the alarm unit inside the home. You can also control different alarm sounds and movement sensitivity options with the Lifebuoy smartphone app.

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Sound Machine

When baby proofing your home, a sound machine might not be the first product that comes to mind. But creating a comfortable space for baby is exactly what babyproofing is all about; and a sound machine does exactly that. The¬†Owlet Smart Sock + Cam¬†tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while streaming HD video and audio to your Smartphone Owlet App. With so many custom features comes a bigger price, but it’s worth knowing your baby is safe and sound.

Want to live in a quieter home? Read this article for some great ideas on how to tone down the noise both inside and outside your house.

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Door and Window Sensors

Keep little ones from opening doors and windows with the Govee Wi-Fi Alarm Sensor System. The kit includes two sensors that when triggered, send alerts to your smartphone and email. You can also control the system using the accompanying app or Alexa voice commands.

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Bath Temperature Thermometer

The long-held advice for new moms has been to check baby’s bath water with your elbow before placing them in the tub. Now technology has provided an easier way! The B&H Floating Bath Temperature Thermometer is shaped like an adorable rubber ducky and displays the water temperature via an LCD screen. An alarm notifies you if the water is too hot or too cold for baby.

These products are just for the parents! Soak in style and comfort with these luxurious products for your tub.

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Motion Sensor Night Light

Motion sensor night lights like this two pack from Amazon are great for late-night feedings, to help kids that are afraid of the dark and midnight bathroom visits. Each LED light has a built-in motion sensor and turns on when movement is detected within 10 feet of the device. It also includes auto shut off when you leave the room, and a light sensor so it saves energy during the daytime.

Easy-to-install smart light switches deliver more safety, convenience and can cut your energy bills.

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