Best Buy and DIY Garden Water Features for Serene Outdoor Spaces

Updated: Apr. 30, 2024

Update your outdoor space with one of these inspiring garden water features. You can build some of them yourself!

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Feng Shui Fountain Courtesy Via Instagram Courtesy

Feng Shui Fountain

This sleek fountain created and built by can be found at a high-end property in California. The custom-built concrete fountain and lush living green wall nestle in a small Zen meditation space outside the master bedroom.

According to Bernier, fountains like this can create feng shui and ambiance for maximum relaxation in your outdoor space. Find more of his work at Michael Bernier Design.

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Zinc Wall Fountain Courtesy @thedistinctivegardener Via Instagram Courtesy @thedistinctivegardener/Instagram

Zinc Wall Fountain

Some people hesitate to install a water feature because of the maintenance involved. But according to @thedistinctivegardener, a self-contained one like this wall fountain works well because the water remains within the unit. All you have to do is plug it into an outdoor outlet.

The clean lines and gray zinc (here’s a fountain with a similar look) contrast nicely with the surrounding foliage and bright orange flowers.

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Antique Fountain Courtesy @clark.cottage.gardens Via Instagram Courtesy @clark.cottage.gardens/Instagram

Antique Fountain

This fountain, in the gorgeous garden of @clark.cottage.gardens, is actually an antique! “I think it’s so charming and adds so much to the ambiance [of my garden],” Clark says. “When I am painting inside, I can hear the gentle trickling of the water. So peaceful!”

To make an old fountain function again, you’ll likely need to replace the water pump.

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Solar Pump Bowl Fountain Courtesy @myhomemygardenmystyle Via Instagram Courtesy @myhomemygardenmystyle/Instagram

Solar Pump Bowl Fountain

To create this DIY water feature, @myhomemygardenmystyle used an outdoor planter bowl and a solar-powered pump. Simple river rocks cover the fountain’s mechanisms.

Thanks to the built-in battery, the pump runs on stored energy so you can enjoy your fountain all day and into the evening.

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Fh07mar 476 52 123 Fhm Family Handyman

DIY Concrete Fountain

With our step-by-step instructions, you can cast a fountain with inexpensive off-the-shelf materials. If you can handle a circular saw and drill, you can build this fountain, even if you’ve never worked with concrete before.

Expect to spend about six hours assembling forms and pouring concrete, plus another couple removing forms and setting up the fountain. The materials cost about $200 — less than half the price of a similar fountain at a garden center.

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Small Space Spillway Bowl Courtesy @tim Aquatic Edge Via Instagram Courtesy @tim_aquatic_edge/Instagram

Small Space Spillway Bowl

For a small garden or patio, choose a simple compact water feature so it doesn’t overpower the space. In this small garden by @tim_aquatic_edge, a small two-tiered spillway bowl fountain creates ambiance and beautiful sound.

The concrete bowl and basin is reinforced with glass fibers, which helps it withstand the elements and gives it a distinctive patina. The kit comes with everything you need to set up this water feature in your yard.

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Fh12mar 526 50 520 Backyard Waterfall Feature Fhm Family Handyman

DIY Waterfall

Create a backyard oasis with this DIY waterfall project. Construction is uncomplicated: Dig a hole in the ground, line it with a rubber membrane and cover it with a stack of flat stone.

This backyard waterfall looks beautiful, but the best part is the sound. If you close your eyes, it’s easy to imagine yourself next to a gurgling creek in the middle of the woods.

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Fh06apr 467 56 033 Fhm Family Handyman

Low-Maintenance Fountain

If you’re looking for an eye-catching water feature for your patio, deck or front entry, this natural-looking DIY rock water fountain will do the trick.

Water from the pump gurgles up through a one-inch hole drilled through the stone before it flows down the rocks. To reduce maintenance, we eliminated the collection pond. Instead, a gravel-filled reservoir collects the overflow for recirculation.

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Splash Pad Courtesy @idreamibuild Via Instagram Courtesy @idreamibuild/Instagram

Splash Pad

A splash pad, like this from Bianca West of @idreamibuild, provides a dramatic water feature as well as a fun place for kids to splash around during warm weather. This one features a splash pad kit from Rain Deck.

“They have a fairly basic instruction step-by-step video on their website,” West says. “It’s pretty straightforward and explains the process. I opted to finish the pad with pavers for a seamless look with my hardscaping.”

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Modern Copper Fountain Courtesy @kelspinck Via Instagram Courtesy @kelspinck/Instagram

Modern Copper Fountain

Although it doesn’t look like it, this modern fountain was actually a DIY project.

After ripping out an old fountain in their yard, @kelspinck and her husband designed and built this new version featuring a copper panel and cobalt blue tiles. The smooth waterfall spout gives it a polished look and provides just the right amount of sound.