10 DIY Photo Booth Ideas for Your Next Party

Updated: Oct. 27, 2022

If you're planning a party—whether for a wedding, birthday, graduation or just because—a DIY photo booth offers guests a way to have fun while making memories. Get creative with these 10 DIY photo booth ideas.

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Have Signage

Don’t assume all guests have used a DIY photo booth before. Having signs out will let guests know to have fun with it and get creative. Be sure to set out some props near the booth to ensure guests will want to take plenty of photos. Plan the ultimate backyard barbecue with these 12 tips.

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Set Up the Camera

For a DIY photo booth, you’ll need a tripod and a camera. You can have someone working the camera, or there are apps available that are designed for this purpose. The Photo Booth App helps you set up a DIY photo booth in just minutes and works with your iPad’s front-facing camera. Whatever method you choose, set the camera up facing the backdrop and play with the zoom to get the right distance. This tripod works with iPads and iPhones and comes with a wireless remote. These patio decorating ideas bring the indoors out.

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Take it Outside

Weather permitting, take your DIY photo booth outside. Find a pretty spot, hang some string lights on a tree branch or from a pergola, and encourage guests to use the spot for fun photos. Try these 20 DIY outdoor wedding decorations.

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Offer Plenty of Props

A set of props will make your guests want to spend some time having fun in the photo booth. Go for a mix of fun glasses, hats and masks.

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Use a “Chalkboard” Backdrop

Put a fun backdrop in your DIY photo booth. This one is perfect for a graduation party!

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Try a Large Frame

Guests will have fun posing in a large frame. Leave out a couple empty frames at your DIY photo booth so guests can play around with different faces and poses.

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Create a Rustic Backdrop

For an outdoorsy DIY photo booth idea, make it rustic. Use pallet wood to create a backdrop and set the stage with lanterns, flower pots, straw bales and apple crates. You can also replicate this concept by setting up your photo booth along an existing wood privacy fence. Learn how to prepare your yard for a backyard wedding.

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Hang Streamers

Put up some streamers, tinsel or garland to create a festive backdrop for your DIY photo booth. Get your home ready for a holiday party with these 10 tips.

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Use Balloons

Here’s a quick and simple way to create a sensational DIY photo booth: Just add balloons! Pick up some helium balloons, tie them down and let your guests mug for the camera. Check out the bird-scare balloon in this entertaining list of 56 things everyone had in their house in the ’90s.

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Share the Photos

When the party is over, share the photos with your guests via Instagram or iCloud Photos. You can also use Shutterfly to create a photo book of your favorite shots.

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