8 Gorgeous Dahlia Colors for Summer 2023

Updated: May 20, 2024

Summer's favorite flower just got even prettier!

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Dahlias are one of the most universally adored cut flowers. Easy to grow and prolific in blooms, dahlias provide a huge return on a minimal investment. Additionally, they come in a rainbow of reds, pinks, purples, oranges, yellows, and whites.

With so many colors to choose from, there’s a dahlia for everybody. Here are eight of our favorite dahlia colors this summer, as recommended by dahlia farmer and cut flower designer, Amy Barene of Capital Blooms in Olympia, WA (@capitalblooms).

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Group Of Peach Colored Dahlias In vivid green garden in late summer
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This soft, playful shade adds a touch of sweetness to any garden. Try finding Clearview Peachy, Lakeview Peach Fuzz or Peaches ‘n’ Cream varietals. Then, pair the dahlias with some of these colorful perennials that will thrive in the taller plant’s shade.

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Flower Of A White Dahlia pictured in a luscious green garden on a bright sunny day.
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Buttercream dahlias offer a subtle complexity to an otherwise plain white bloom. Barene recommends Creamy, KA Champagne and Bloomquist Blush dahlias.

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Dahlia flowers in bloom in garden in South Carolina in September
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Looking for a rich pop of color? Raspberry is the dahlia color for you! Check out Caitlyn’s Joy, Polka and Koko Puff varietals. Then, go full Barbiecore by adding these playful pink flowers.

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Close Up Shot Of A Beautiful Coral Pastel Pink Dahlia Flower Head
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A whimsical and endlessly complementary shade, coral is Barene’s favorite dahlia color for a reason. It adds variety to your garden palette and helps bridge the gap between pink and orange blooms in bouquets. Barene suggests adding Totally Tangerine, Jowey Winnie and Snoho Jojo shades to your cut flower garden.

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Blush Pink Globe Dahlias in A Commercial Organic Flower Nursery Bed
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Similarly, if you’d like a flower in a softer shade than classic bright pink, blush dahlias are an excellent choice. Try to find Coralie, Maltby Pearl and Cafe au Lait varietals to add a gentle touch to your garden. To up the sweetness even more, try planting them alongside these fragrant flowers.

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Close-up of Rust Orange Dahlia in a flower garden on an island just north of Stavanger, Norway
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Earth tones are absolutely on trend for home and garden this year, especially the warm terracotta shades used in Japandi style. To bring the clay-like hue to your garden, try Brown Sugar, Terracotta and Cornel Bronze dahlias, suggests Barene.

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Golden Dahlia pictured in a garden with unknown purple and green plants in the out of focus background
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Sometimes, more is more and you want a shining bright statement flower. For those instances, turn to gold dahlias in Bracken Sarah, Sandia Brocade and Miss Amara varietals. To embrace your maximalism, pair gold dahlias with any of these bright yellow flowers like different varieties of sunflower.

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Lavender Dahlia Flower Blooming In The Garden On A Sunny Day.
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Soft purples feel so special in a garden inhabited by mostly pinks, yellows, reds, and oranges. To add that gorgeous surprise element to your flower collection, try sourcing a soothing lavender dahlia in Bloomquist Tory P, Clearview Debbie or Tahoma Kelli shades. If you want a brighter color pop, try these purple flowers instead.

Sourcing and Incorporating These Dahlia Colors

Barene recommends sourcing these dahlias through River Merle Farm, the Farmhouse Flower Farm, and Dahlias by Julie. These growers offer truly unique dahlia colors and varietals. Additionally, if you’re looking for inspiration for planting your new dahlias, be sure to check out our guide to creating a cottage garden. Also, try to balance the whimsical dahlias with other playful flower varietals to spruce up your garden. Happy planting!