5 Bluetti Power Stations and Solar Generators To Consider

Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

Bluetti is one of the top solar generator manufacturers around. Their innovative products meet the needs of campers, RVers, pros and homeowners alike.

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Bluetti Eb55 Portable Power Station Ecomm Bluettipower.comVIA MERCHANT

What Is Bluetti?

Founded in 2019, Las Vegas-based Bluetti is already a leading manufacturer and retailer of portable power stations and solar generators. Its products earn high marks from reviewers around the web.

SolarReviews recommends Bluetti products. Powered Portable Solar calls Bluetti’s AC200 “one of the best solar generators currently available.” And Shop Solar Kits says the Bluetti AC300 is “the only solar power station you will need in your life.”

All batteries and power stations Bluetti currently offers use lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) technology, which is regarded as the safest and longest-lasting lithium-ion power storage system available.

The company also introduced the first sodium-ion power station at the 2022 CES conference in Las Vegas. That’s good news for the environment, because sodium is a thousand times more abundant than lithium, and requires fewer resources to mine and process.

Bluetti’s power stations range from a 600-watt version suitable for charging and running small devices, to a 3,000W combo unit that can power an entire house or workshop. The company also sells battery packs and foldable solar panels for charging when AC power isn’t available. The panels can charge whole-house power stations, potentially lowering energy costs for homeowners.

Here are five of Bluetti’s top products:

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Bluetti Eb55 Portable Power Station Ecomm Bluettipower.com
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EB55 Portable Power Station

The EB55 features a 700W inverter, second smallest in Bluetti’s line of portable power stations. It measures roughly 11- by 8- by 8-in. and weighs only 16-1/2-lbs., so it’s easy to store for a camping trip or family outing.

The EB55 comes with 13 power outlets including four 120V receptacles, four USB-A ports, one USC-C, three 12V outlets and a wireless charging pad. You can charge it four ways: via solar panels, AC power, 12V power from an automobile or a gas generator. You can also combine AC and solar charging, or charge from two AC receptacles at once.

SolarReviews found the EB55 had enough surge power (1,400W) to start a small refrigerator or an outdoor pool pump, and the 537 watt-hour (Wh) battery capacity kept the pool pump running for 16 hours.

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Bluetti Ac200max Expandable Power Station Ecomm Bluettipower.com
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AC200MAX Expandable Power Station

With a 2,200W output and 4,800W in surge power, the Bluetti AC200MAX Power Station is slightly larger than the AC200P which preceded it. The LiFePO4 battery offers a 2,048Wh capacity and can still charge to 80 percent after 3,500 cycles. Storage capacity can be increased to 8,192Wh by adding two B300 expansion batteries.

Besides the four charging methods of the EB55, you can also recharge this unit with a lead acid battery. It also has an extra wireless charging pad. The AC200MAX weighs about as much as a bag of concrete mix (61.9 pounds) and measures 16.5- by 11- x 15.2-inches.

If you plan an extended stay in a campsite or rural cabin, this unit will run all your appliances, and you can keep it charged with Bluetti’s foldable solar panels. If you set up the AC200MAX at home and maintain the charge with solar panels or AC power, it will supply the electricity you need during a moderately long power outage.

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Bluetti Ac300 Inverter Module Generator Ecomm Bluettipower.com
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AC300 Inverter Module

The AC300 Inverter Module features a 3,000W output, the largest of any of Bluetti’s offerings, but doesn’t come with a battery. It takes a B230 or B300 expansion battery.

You can connect up to four batteries for 12,288Wh of storage, enough to keep the lights on for days or even weeks. Plus, its 6,000W surge output can start power tools, HVAC equipment or a large refrigerator. Best Eco Solar found the AC300, coupled with one B300 battery, kept a refrigerator cold for 13 hours, even while running power-hungry appliances like a coffeemaker or pressure cooker.

Because the batteries stack on top of the unit, you can tuck the entire assembly neatly into a corner of the garage. Charge the batteries from an AC outlet, solar panels or, for faster charging, both at the same time. Besides the six 120V/20A power outlets, the AC300 module has one 120V/30A receptacle, allowing you to charge your EV with energy from the sun.

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Bluetti B300 Expansion Battery Ecomm Bluettipower.com
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B300 Expansion Battery

The B300 Expansion Battery is the larger of the two battery packs Bluetti supplies; the other one is the B230. Neither has a built-in inverter so they must be used with a power station to supply AC power. They do have USB-A, USB-C and 12V/10A outputs, plus inputs for charging directly from solar panels, AC power, car chargers or lead acid batteries.

The B300 pairs with the AC300 inverter, but will also work with other Bluetti power stations via the optional connector. The B300 is also compatible with some non-Bluetti inverters. It has a capacity of 3,072Wh and weighs a hefty 80 pounds. Like all Bluetti products, comfortable handles make transporting it easier.

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Bluetti Pv200 Solar Panel Ecomm Bluettipower.com
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PV200 Solar Panels

Bluetti sells 120W and 200W panels and recently introduced a 350W option. Because many Bluetti products come with a 200W charging limit, the PV200 Solar Panel is the most practical choice.

The foldable PV200 array fits into a handy carrying case so it’s easy to pack in the car, along with a power station for on-the-go charging. The panels connect to any of Bluetti’s power stations or batteries with proprietary cables. When you set them up, kickstands snap out to allow precise orientation to the sun.

One drawback: The PV200 panels, like all Bluetti’s solar arrays, can’t be left out in damp or rainy weather. Don’t forget to pack them up when storm clouds gather.

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