The 7 Best Outdoor Projectors to Stream Under the Stars

Turn your backyard into a movie theater with the help of a high-quality outdoor projector.

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Like patio furniture and a grill, an outdoor projector adds an extra cool factor to your outdoor living space. And there’s nothing like getting the gang together to enjoy a summertime movie night. Grab the popcorn and get ready for a season filled with films and entertainment, thanks to the best outdoor movie projectors you can get on Amazon.

When shopping for an outdoor projector, pay attention to its resolution, portability and brightness, as well as how far it needs to be from the screen (aka “the throw distance). It’s also important to consider whether it connects to your phone or computer via Bluetooth, or if there are special cables or adapters involved.

You’ll also need an outdoor projector screen or other flat surface to project the image onto, as well as an outdoor speaker system for quality audio. Keep in mind that the video will look better the darker it is outdoors, but that shouldn’t stop you from watching a day game under an awning or 3D adventures with the kids. Backyard movie theater, here you come!

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Goodee Hd Movie Projector
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Goodee YG600 Projector

High-end projectors can cost thousands of dollars, but the Goodee HD projector is a quality option that won’t break the bank. It offers a 1920- by 1080-pixel resolution and a max screen size of 230 inches. The brand claims it’s 80% brighter than other projectors, making it ideal for environments with ambient light. Plus, it comes with built-in dual stereo speakers.

Five-star reviewer, Brandi, says, “I’ve been looking at projectors for years for family movie nights outside and finally came across this one and decided to get it. I couldn’t be happier! Extremely clear image. Easy to connect to my Roku. Connects to Wi-Fi outside in locations my phone can’t. This is the one to buy!”

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Yaber Mini
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aber Mini Projector

This affordable Yaber mini projector comes with a foldable screen. Weighing in at just 2.2 pounds, this little projector packs a big punch with the 300-inch max screen size and full 1080-pixel resolution. With Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless mirroring and multiple outputs, take this portable unit on your next business or camping trip for under without breaking the bank.

“The image quality is excellent. The brightness is more than enough, and colors are vibrant,” writes CC. a verified purchaser. “The contrast and blacks look very good in my opinion. The sound is great. I’m impressed with such a little box the sound is amazingly clear and could be heard from the other room. There is no distortion in the sound, even at maximum volume, and it gets loud enough to provide a proper theater experience.”

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Portable Lg Smart Tv Projector
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LG Smart TV Projector

This portable projector from LG is an unbeatable option for an outdoor movie night, thanks to its compact form, high-definition (HD) picture and built-in smart TV platform. This device provides two and a half hours of battery, so you can go cordless and not worry about finding a plug in your backyard. The picture can be sized up to 100 inches, and since it has LG’s smart TV platform built in, you can watch Netflix or other streaming services.

“Finally, a native 1080p that is bright!” shares Ryan Davis, a five-star reviewer. “Great portability and the ability to connect to an external Bluetooth speaker make this a winner in my book. Did I mention this has amazing video quality?! It does.”

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Nebula Mars II Pro
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Nebula Mars II Pro Projector

It’s easy to control the Mars II Pro projector, thanks to its Bluetooth technology. Downloading the Nebula Connect app turns your smartphone into a remote control for the projector. You can even “mirror” your phone screen to display all sorts of media. This compact outdoor projector delivers three hours of playtime on a charge with 720-pixel resolution. It also hooks up to USB- or HDMI-compatible devices, like gaming systems.

“The best part of this projector is the service. We were wanting some Android apps to work that required a little bit of tweaking to the projector. We emailed support, as other reviews mention, and they were able to walk us through to get them working. Baseball outside on the garage is pretty sweet now,” shares Kody, a verified buyer.

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Wimius K7 Projector
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Wimius 4K Projector

Sometimes it takes awhile to dial in the best image and get it straight, but this projector from Wimius does it for you with 6D auto keystone correction. Spend less time fussing with set-up and more time enjoying the party with this projector, which offers 50,000:1 contrast and high 50,000 lumens light output that can blow up to a 500-inch screen size. If picture quality is important to you—as it should be—this native 1080-pixel projector supports 4K with superb resolution for a reasonable price.

“Connectivity is excellent, with support for playing files from your phone via Wi-Fi, connecting via Bluetooth and playing videos (and even Office documents!) off a USB memory stick,” writes five-star reviewer, Den.

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Mars Pro 4k Projector
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Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Projector

If you want a movie theater-adjacent experience in the comfort of your backyard, this impressive 4K projector jumps off the screen. Not only is it Wi-Fi compatible with internet built in, it’s also 3D-ready, so grab the glasses and make it an event to remember. It features auto focus and keystone correction to make setting it up simple. You’ll get rich sound with DTS studio sound and Dolby Digital from the built-in dual 10-watt speakers. Tech lovers in particular will appreciate the sophistication of this projector.

“Great brightness and an amazing picture. Using it in our basement on a 110-inch screen. The built-in Dolby speakers are an amazing bonus that sound great. No need to spend the extra money on a separate speaker system,” says Tom G. Scibana, a verified purchaser.

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Anker Nebula Capsule
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Nebula Capsule Projector

If you want to take your projector with you while camping or traveling, the Nebula Capsule, which is the size of a soda can, is as portable as they come. It offers four hours of video playtime per charge, and its 360-degree speaker ensures everyone can hear the audio. The downside? The resolution is on the lower side at a max of 480 pixels.

Monica W., a five-star reviewer, says, “The three things that are most impressive to me are the sound, the battery life and the size. It really IS the size of a soda can, and honestly, I can’t believe all that picture and sound and battery life fits into that tiny package. The sound truly is impressive.”

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