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7 Best Motion Sensor Garbage Cans

Hands-free function and a lot more. Check out these picks for the best motion sensor trash can for your home.

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What to Know About Motion Sensor Trash Cans

Motion sensor trash cans may seem luxurious, but they are actually quite practical. They open and close automatically, keeping germs and related shmutz off your hands. Those with mobility problems may find the automatic feature more convenient than foot-operated models. Some feature enhanced odor control thanks to sealing lids, filters and air cleaning technology. Others operate by voice command controls.

If you’re considering a motion-sensor trash can for your home, here are seven of the best.

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Best Budget Motion Sensor Trash Can

The BestOffice is one of the least expensive motion sensor trash cans available, at around $50. It’s a quality product with high ratings. It comes in four colors (black, red, white, and stainless steel) to match your decor, and it can seal shut to keep in odors.

“Buy this you won’t regret it!!! This can is awesome!!” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “As soon as it senses you it opens, and I just found out I can stand and peel garlic without it closing on me. Much cheaper [then] the ones in the stores and still nice looking.”

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Best Motion Sensor Trash Can With an Adapter

If you hate the cost and disposal of batteries, then a motion sensor trash can with an adapter is a good choice for you. This iTouchless trash can is best because it also comes with an activated carbon odor filter to prevent odors from escaping the can.

“Love love love! I had previously purchased a Ninestars garbage sensor pail which quit working within 9 months of purchase,” wrote an Amazon reviewer. “I attempted to contact Ninestars by phone and was unsuccessful. They refused to take responsibility for their inadequate product so I purchased this pail after researching the reviews. This pail is beautiful and works beautifully. It looks nice in my kitchen. It came with the [adaptor] plug so doesn’t need batteries. Please don’t waste your money on the Ninestars pail. This is the way to go!”

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Best Under-Counter Motion Sensor Trash Can

The ZitA side-opening trash can is a game-changer for anyone who wants to (or has to) hide their trash can under a counter. The lid opens to the side instead of up, which means it won’t bang the top of the counter. This can also sense when your hand is over the opening, and won’t close until you move away. And it has a stay-open function in case you’re making multiple trips in succession.

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Best Small Motion Sensor Trash Can

The iTouchless four gallon motion sensor trash can is small so it’s great for the bathroom, but it also has some clever features. An odor filter prevents nasty smells from escaping the can — helpful if, say, your pet is a scavenger.

“This trash can is perfect for our needs!” said an Amazon reviewer. “Our little dog had been stealing from the trash lately because we had a flimsy lid on our old can. I needed something slender to fit a tight space, plus a heavier and sturdier base so she can’t knock it over (our old one was plastic and this one is metal). I also wanted a good seal on the lid to deter her. This works perfectly.”

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Best All-Around Motion Sensor Trash Can

This Secura trash can has everything you could want from a motion sensor trash can. A filter prevents odors, a special securing system keeps the bag in place, and a countdown timer let you knows when the lid will shut. Plus, it’s super quiet and can be used with an AC power adapter or batteries.

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Best Motion Sensor Trash Can Design

The simplehuman trash can combines stylish and functional design, setting it apart from other cans. It has a sleek, modern half-circle shape and it comes in five colors: black, brushed stainless steel, dark bronze, rose-gold and white. While stylish, it features functional design as well. Our favorite: a built-in pocket that holds and dispenses your garbage bags.

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Best Trash-and-Recycling-in-One

The simplehuman Trash Can and Recycler, one of the biggest motion sensor cans on the market, comes with two compartments. One side holds trash, the other a bucket for recyclables. Like other simplehuman trash cans, this has a built-in trash liner dispenser. And this one can be opened with voice commands.

“So…who buys a $250 automatic garbage can? This guy!” wrote a reviewer on Amazon. “Look, I’ve easily spent that two or three times over already on cheap automatic or `touch less’ cans that either have a mind of their own or stop working altogether at some point. Bottom line is this is the Rolls Royce of automatic garbage cans. It really is top-of-the-line in every sense of the word.”

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