12 Bad Home Decorating Habits You Should Stop Immediately

Updated: Feb. 03, 2023

Are you guilty of these bad home decorating habits? Your design should make sense and not confuse your guests.

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Overpaying for Furniture

Furniture is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to make your home look nice. You can find pieces that look like high-end designs but aren’t as costly. Always shop around before falling in love with that one expensive piece you found.

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Mismatched Styles

There are lots of popular home design styles, but trying to blend too many can be an eyesore. Whether you’re aiming for a maximalist decor style or something a little more traditional, make sure you’re staying consistent.

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Heirlooms You Dislike

Don’t feel obligated to clutter your home with family heirlooms you don’t like or clash with your decor design. It’s your home, after all. Consider bringing out heirlooms when family is visiting or for special occasions like holidays.

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Going Too Bold

There can be too much of a good thing. Bold might be your style, but be sure it doesn’t take away from the overall look you’re going for. Consider paint ideas or furniture that transform your space without being too bold.

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Going Too Conservative

Conversely, don’t be afraid to flash some fun colors and really bring your room to life. An all-white or all-gray room isn’t the best option, either.

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Furniture That’s Too Large

Saying goodbye to a beloved couch or coffee table can be difficult, but don’t sacrifice functionality for nostalgia. Furniture that is too large doesn’t just look bad; in case of a fire, it could be dangerous if it impedes your escape route. Measure the room before you get home and realize that new sofa doesn’t fit.

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Overusing One Color

When choosing paint colors, think about what style of furniture you’re adding to that space. Matching rugs, walls, artwork, pillows, blankets and more can create sensory overload.

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Off-Center Decor

Keep it simple: Hang artwork and wall-hangings straight and level. Going for an off-center or angled look isn’t creative. It’s just distracting.

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Clashing Colors

Whether you’re picking furniture and paint colors item-by-item or collecting different things as you go, always keep in mind how things might pair with the rest of the space. Picking the right colors is a science.

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Furniture Covers

Slipcovers make your furniture last longer, but they might not be the best look for your space. Weigh your options of comfort vs. protection and go with what best suits your home.

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Buying the Wrong Size Rug

A wrong-sized rug will stand out, and not in a good way. Rugs should be a focal point of the room without taking up the whole space.

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Upcycling Damaged Items

There might be a good reason someone throws out a piece of furniture. Repairing furniture can be a cost-effective way to save money, but don’t waste time trying to salvage something that’s seriously damaged.