3 Best Smart Toilets for the Tech-Loving Homeowner

Updated: Sep. 29, 2023

A smart toilet could change the way you see your bathroom. Here are a few of the best options on the market.

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smart modern toilet in bathroom
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Do You Really Need a Smart Toilet?

It’s fair to be at least a little skeptical of the idea of a “smart toilet.”

Smart technology seems to be increasingly present in every aspect of our homes these days, from our refrigerators and toasters to the locks on our doors. The idea that a toilet could benefit from smart technology can seem like a stretch. Turns out smart toilets offer several benefits that can impact your daily routine, your wallet and even the earth’s environment.

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smart toilet with bidet system
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Benefits of Smart Toilets

The most obvious benefits of a smart toilet are added luxury and ease of use. Smart toilets come with features like heated seats, air deodorizers, and automatic lids that open and close when they sense someone approaching or leaving.

If you were considering adding a bidet to your current toilet, you might as well look into upgrading to a smart toilet, as most come with premium bidets already built in.

But the real advantage isn’t the flashy tech. Instead, it’s all in the flush. Smart toilets feature cutting-edge flush systems that use much less water than many standard toilets. High-efficiency flushes cut down your water bill while helping reduce the amount of water wasted worldwide.

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Kohler Karing Smart Toilet via homedepot.com

Kohler Karing

Tired of a stinky bathroom? The Kohler Karing smart toilet comes with a carbon filter that Kohler claims will neutralize odors for a full year.

Two users can set up profiles on the Karing to personalize their preferences. The bidet, heated seat and integrated air dryer can be controlled from the toilet’s touchscreen remote, either handheld or mounted on the wall. Just don’t be surprised if someone sees the toilet’s sleek and compact design and mistakes it for a trash can.

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Athena Intelligent Comfort Height Smart Toilet via homedepot.com

Athena Intelligent Comfort Height

One of the main draws of the Athena Intelligent Comfort Height smart toilet is its highly efficient and incredibly quiet flush. The lid opens and closes for you, and the flush is handsfree and automatic. You can even adjust the water temperature in the bidet for more comfortable cleaning.

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Toto Neorest 700h Smart Toilet via amazon.com

Toto Neorest 700H

The Toto Neorest 700H is a top-of-the-line smart toilet with all the bells and whistles you would expect. Its flush system uses 45 percent less water on average compared to standard toilets while leaving the bowl sparkly clean. The 700H is truly the complete package with a heated seat, customizable bidet options and even a built-in nightlight.