Whether you have a car, motorcycle or truck, keep your vehicle running smooth and looking good with these helpful auto repair and paint job tips, projects and products.

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A Guide to the 8 Most Common Automotive and Household Lubricants

Here's everything you need to know about automotive, household and shop lubricants like white lithium grease.

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A Simple Hack to Keep Your License Plates from Getting Stolen

Prevent license plate theft by using special screws that require a special security wrench to remove. They're inexpensive and take...

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What to Know About Brake Pad Replacement and Repair

How to get a good brake job and save $1,000 over the life of your car. Here are tips for...

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My EV Is Dead, What Do I Do?

There's no need to panic if your EV won't start. Just be sure you know about both of your EV's...

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12 Ideas to Upgrade Your Utility Trailer

Upgrade taillights, tow balls and connections, tie-downs and more.

The 20 Best Men’s Gifts on Amazon That’ll Arrive in No Time

Have a guy who's difficult to shop for? These men's gifts on Amazon will get a five-star rating from your...

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How Much Does Paint Protection Film Cost?

Paint protection film acts as an invisible barrier, protecting your vehicle against the elements, stone chips and bug spatter.

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What Are HID Headlights?

High-intensity discharge (HID) automotive headlights produce a brighter, directed beam than traditional headlights, making nighttime driving safer.

What Is a Frunk and Why Do You Need It?

"Frunk" is a new name for an old car component that's making a comeback. Find out what it is and...

The 6 Best Windshield Repair Kits to Avoid a Trip to the Shop

When a rock gets lodged into your windshield, you need a repair kit on-hand for the job. Here are six...

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How Electric Cars With Solar Panels Are Changing the Game

Self-charging an electric car with solar panels makes sense. But there's a reason we don't see more integrated solar panels...

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Can You Pass a Car Inspection With The Check Engine Light On?

The dreaded check engine light (CEL) is hard to ignore. Here, our car expert explains what effect a lit CEL...

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Honda Recalls 1.2 Million SUVs with Bad Backup Cameras

If you own one of the affected models, here's how to get it fixed for free.

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Are Electric Car Batteries Recyclable?

Once it stops powering your car, that EV battery is still useful. Here's what to know about repurposing and recycling...

Do Electric Cars Have Transmissions?

While electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer novel, basic questions like this one have many consumers looking for answers.

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Winter Tires in the Summer

Winter tires are great for driving on snow and ice, but leaving them on in summer adversely affects vehicle safety...

What To Know About Car and SUV Tents

Whether you want it on the roof, tailgate, sliding door or truck bed, car and SUV tents can up your...

If Your Car Seats Are Stained, You Need This Dollar Tree Cleaning Hack

This TikTok Dollar Tree glass cleaner hack will save you money on car seat stain removal. It only costs about...

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A Guide to Using Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps are popular because they're easy to use and secure cargo well. Here's...

Hyundai and Kia Agree to $200 Million Settlement to Owners of Stolen Cars

Own a base model Kia or Hyundai? You may be eligible for financial compensation.

These Auto Makers Are Dropping AM Radio from Their New Models

Learn why certain automakers are removing AM radio from upcoming models, and which vehicles will be affected.

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How To Check and Change Pressure Washer Pump Oil

Want to get the most from your gas-powered pressure washer this summer? Learn how to change the pump and engine...

GM Is Removing Apple Carplay & Android Auto from Future Models

GM recently announced plans to phase out Apple Carplay and Android Auto in future electric vehicles.

What Is an Oil Extractor Pump and Do I Need One?

An oil extractor pump makes doing your own oil changes a breeze. No more crawling under the car, and no...

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Save Money on Repairs By Tightening These Loose Car Parts

Properly tightening fasteners saves money and lives by preventing loose car parts from failing. Most of the time, you can...

This State Just Banned the Sale of New Diesel Trucks

California lawmakers have announced that all new big-rig trucks sold in the state must be zero-emissions by 2036. Learn what...

The 10 Most—and Least—Recalled Vehicles

Wondering which car makes and models are most and least likely to be recalled? We examine and explain an analysis...

Do Electric Cars Have Catalytic Converters?

If you're curious about electric cars, you've probably wondered, "Do electric cars have catalytic converters?" Learn the answer here.

Car Thieves Are Hacking Into Headlights—Here’s What You Need to Know

Car thieves are always on the lookout for new methods, and one of their latest involves the headlights. Learn how...