What Is Houseplant Insurance?

Struggling to keep your houseplants healthy? It might be time to look into houseplant insurance.

Growing and cultivating lush and vibrant houseplants is a great way to bring nature into your home — if you know how to take care of them, of course. But for people lacking that green thumb, houseplants can quickly transform from a lovely centerpiece into an unsightly, withered weed.

But what if there was a way for to grow houseplants without fearing they’ll be dried up and dead within a few weeks? Well, a new houseplant subscription service called “Horti” is making that possible by offering what they’re calling “plant insurance.”

Here’s how it works: Horti offers two levels of houseplant insurance. The first, the Plant Reassurance Plan, covers any houseplant in the U.S. purchased from any vendor. Under that plan, which costs $4.99 per month, Horti provides “preventative care and personalized advice at your fingertips about any plant.” Subscribers send images of their wilting houseplants to Horti and get back a diagnosis and tips on how to restore it to full health.

The second level, called the Plant Resurrection Plan, costs $9.99 a month. This one only covers houseplants purchased through Horti, which ships plants all across the country. It includes all the preventative care in the Plant Reassurance Plan, plus Horti’s promise to replace any plant that cannot be saved “despite our guidance and your best efforts.”

“Instead of feeling nervous when bringing a new houseplant home or helpless when leaves start to brown, we want people to feel confident and hopeful as they begin to understand their nature for nurture,” Horti founder and CEO Puneet Sabharwal said in a press release.

“At Horti, we believe that indoor plants are the opposite of throw-away culture — they’re long-term relationships. These plans are designed to help our community feel confident to foster those connections for years to come.”

Plant insurance plans like these aren’t worth it for most people. But if you’re a novice horticulturist hoping to spruce up your home décor, a little insurance could be a big help as you set about mastering houseplant care. 

Harrison Kral
After spending his college summers pouring concrete and building decks, Harrison Kral decided to find a way to put his insider knowledge of construction to use…. just in an air-conditioned setting. He’s an established writer and editor in the DIY space who has written extensively on the home building industry, the housing market, and general DIY trends.