Does This TikTok Curtain Rod Hack Really Work?

Updated: Jun. 02, 2023

This TikTok hack involves broom grippers that support a curtain rod. It's a great idea, as long as the hangers stay put.

Mounting curtain rods can be a real hassle. Driving screws into wood trim or drywall and keeping the brackets properly aligned while standing precariously on a ladder is hard enough, but sometimes you also have to install wall anchors to hold the screws. Then there’s the cleanup after you’re done, which is admittedly minimal but still something a busy person doesn’t have time for.

What if you could just stick curtain rod holders to the wall and avoid screws, screw anchors and drywall dust altogether? That’s the idea behind a hack posted by offliveoak on TikTok. It turns an hour-long job into one that takes just minutes. It works with any curtain rod the same diameter as a broom handle, usually just less than an inch.


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It’s presented as a solution for renters who want to hang curtains without damaging walls. It’s an ingenious idea that may prompt manufacturers supply removable mounting brackets along with traditional mounting hardware.

How It Works

The poster uses 3M Command Broom Grippers. Similar products cost less, but read the descriptions carefully. Some are only recommended for glass, tile and other nonporous surfaces.

To make this work, rotate the hangers so they can support a horizontal curtain rod, stick them to the wall at a uniform height, leave them at least 30 minutes so the adhesive sets, then push in the curtain rod. Done.

It’s easy to space the broom holders to accommodate curtain panels of the same or different widths. In the video, the poster places the hangers close to the ceiling, using a mop head as a spacer. You can place them just above the window if you prefer.

Some Problems and Solutions

If you’ve ever tried to pull a stick-on wall hook off the wall, you know it can remove paint or leave an outline because the paint around it has faded. There may also be some glue residue. If that happens when you’re leaving a rental, be prepared to clean off the residue and possibly do a little touch-up painting.

Here are some other possible issues:

  • It only works on a flat surface: For optimum adhesion, each part of an instant-stick hanger must contact the wall. It may stick to a textured or wavy wall or molded trim for a while, but probably not permanently. When it falls off, its adhesive power is usually compromised and you may need a new one. Avoid this by using these hangers only on flat surfaces.
  • The wall must be clean: Grease or oil on the wall will inhibit adhesion. Avoid this by washing the wall with soap and water before you install the hangers, then let it dry completely.
  • The rod won’t fit if the hangers are misaligned: A long curtain rod needs multiple hangers for support. If you make a measurement mistake during installation, you must pull off the misaligned ones and reposition them. This compromises the adhesive and it probably won’t stick as long as it’s supposed to. Avoid this by installing the end hangers first with a level and installing the ones in the middle while the rod is hanging.
  • It may not work with heavy curtains or drapes: Broom holders only support the weight of a broom, so the adhesive may not be strong enough for heavy drapery-type curtains. For added support, drill a pilot hole through each holder and drive a single screw into a stud or wall anchor. This defeats the purpose of the hack, but only slightly, because it’s easy to repair screw holes in drywall with surfacing compound (AKA spackle) or even white toothpaste.