This Magic Pen Will Clean Your Grout For Good

Updated: Aug. 05, 2023

Never worry about dirty grout ever again with this easy to use cleaning pen!

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Living in a city with lots of history (such as Chicago or New York) means living in apartment buildings with lots of charm…and lots of dirt. I’ve lived in countless apartments that have needed a hefty hand in cleaning up the space—grout being one of the most time-consuming cleaning jobs to date.

I have spent numerous hours on my hands and knees, scrubbing the nooks and crannies of tiled bathroom floors. So in an attempt to clean my bathroom faster (especially using these 13 tricks for cleaning a bathroom), I decided to look for an alternative solution. If only I knew how hard I was really making it for myself.

The Grout Pen

If you’re also in a situation where you live in an apartment with lots of “charm,” you may find your bathroom floor in need of a little TLC. Instead of scrubbing with a sponge or even a toothbrush, you may want to try this magical Grout Pen!

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What Makes This Pen So Magical?

The Grout Pen comes in different colors and sizes, to match the grout color between the tiles in your space. You can get a Grout Pen in white, terra cotta, brown, gray, beige, cream and even black. The sizes either come in 5mm or 15mm pen width, to match both smaller and larger grout spaces.

The pen is a water-based formula that covers over stained areas that can have mold and dirt build up on the grout. Not only that, but Grout Pens can even restore the grout’s look and prevent future molding with an antibacterial formula.

It’s a non-toxic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal formula that is safe to use in enclosed areas—like a tiny city bathroom. The pen will cover a 60-meter distance of grout area, and it’s water resistant (which is obviously a necessity for the bathroom).

What Reviewers Are Saying

According to numerous reviewers on Amazon, this grout pen works swimmingly. Some say that the bathroom looks sharp and clean, and takes away the “horribly dirty” look from before. The pen has a 52 percent 5-star rating, and even recognized as an “Amazon Choice” product.

You can snag this pen over on Amazon for just under $9 (for the 5mm) or $12 (for the 15mm). Dirty grout, be gone!

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