How to Prevent Rust Spots in Your Shower from Shaving Cream Cans

One popular beauty item works double-duty to save your porcelain.

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Shampoo bottles, body wash pumps and shaving cream cans: these personal hygiene products usually live conveniently in our showers. But unfortunately, they can leave unsightly residue on the porcelain, posing yet another frustrating bathroom cleaning challenge.

In particular, shaving cream cans often leave rust rings, since their aluminum or steel casings oxidize when in prolonged contact with water. Luckily, Instagrammer @byjillee shared a simple and quick hack to prevent these rust rings from forming. Better yet, all you need is one cheap drugstore item: clear nail polish.

How to Prevent Rust Rings

If you don’t already own clear nail polish, pick up a bottle for a couple of bucks. Alternatively, you can use another color of nail polish, but note that it will make the can look a bit messier.

Once you have your nail polish, make sure your shaving cream can is dry. Flip it over so the bottom rim is exposed and carefully paint the clear polish all along it. You want to make sure the edge is completely coated so that it can’t come into contact with standing water.

Next, let the nail polish dry completely. Depending on the brand, this can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour, so be patient and keep the can upside-down to prevent smudging. Once the polish is fully dry, you can place the can back in the shower. Your porcelain will now be rust-free!

How to Clean Existing Rust Rings

If you already have rust rings on your porcelain, remove it with a simple solution of Acid Magic and water. Acid Magic is just as effective as muriatic acid, but safer to use. Still, use gloves and safety goggles when applying it, especially in a tight bathroom space.

Mix 1 part Acid Magic to 3 parts water, then apply the solution using a rag, foam brush or sprayer. Make sure the solution does not come into contact with any metal fixtures, like the tub faucet, as it can discolor them. Once the stain has dissolved, simply rinse the surface with clean water.

Other Uses for Clear Nail Polish

Now that you have the nail polish on hand, there are numerous other quick DIY fixes it can offer. Here are a few to try for yourself:

  • Secure loose screws (including the tiny ones on glasses)
  • Seal frayed shoelaces or small holes in clothing
  • Close envelopes without licking them
  • Reinforce labels on bottles
  • Coat copper jewelry to prevent it from turning your skin green

And, if you accidentally spill that new nail polish all over your carpet, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered there too.

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