John Deere Easy Change Oil Filter Stops Messy Oil Changes

You can change your lawn tractor oil in 30 seconds with John Deere’s Easy Change Oil Filter.

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John Deere has taken the mess out of changing the oil on your lawn tractor with its easy-change oil filter.

No More Draining the Oil

The real change with John Deere’s Easy Change Oil Filter is that you no longer have to drain the oil to replace the filter. Instead the John Deere Easy Change oil filter gets the job done in 30 seconds with a quarter turn of the filter.

How the John Deer Easy Change Oil Filter Works

The Easy Change oil filter removes the captured contaminants and replaces about .8 qt of the engine oil. Oil doesn’t need to be drained from the engine.

How Often Do You Need to Change Your Lawn Mower Oil Filter?

Owners should change the filter every 25 hours or once a year. Those inclined to doing lawn mower oil changes by draining the oil and replacing the filter can continue to do as they have done for years if they don’t want to use the new filter.

What Models Does the Oil Filter Work On

John Deere is introducing this filter on its 100 series lawn tractors.

Find the John Deere Easy Change oil filter for $40 at The Home Depot.