How to Patch Veneer with Quickwood

Updated: May 19, 2023

Fixing a chipped piece of veneer isn't as hard as you think.

How to Patch Veneer

A veneer is a thin layer of wood glued on top of the surface of things like doors, cabinets and other pieces of wood furniture. While some criticize veneers as a way to make cheap materials like particleboard resemble real wood, a veneer can also provide key structural benefits to a piece of furniture.

Unfortunately, thin veneers can also be brittle and prone to chipping. And when a piece of veneer chips, it leaves an ugly blemish. Here’s how to patch a chip in veneer with a product called QuikWood.

What is QuikWood?

QuikWood is a wood putty made to patch holes, scratches and chips in wood surfaces. It’s commonly used in furniture repairs and comes in several colors.

Try to find the QuikWood that best matches the color of the veneer you’re looking to patch. It doesn’t have to be exact. You can paint over the QuikWood with gel stains that match its color to the surface you’re working on.

Steps for Patching Veneer with QuikWood

Step One: Cut Off Your QuikWood

With a utility knife, cut off a chunk of QuikWood. You’ll need enough putty to entirely cover the chip you’re patching. Take your chunk of QuikWood and knead it between your fingers until the color is consistent. Once the QuikWood is sticky, it’s ready to use.

Step Two: Clean Out the Chip

Take the QuikWood and press it like a sponge around the chipped area. This will clean it out and remove any loose bits of wood.

Step Three: Form the QuikWood

Form your QuikWood into roughly the same shape as the missing veneer and press it into the chipped area. Massage it with your fingers into cracks and grooves, filling in the missing chip entirely.

Step Four: Smooth Out the Putty

Wet the surface of the putty with a few drops of water. Then take a putty knife and smooth out the QuikWood so it’s flush with the rest of the veneer. If there’s any putty hanging over the edge of the veneer, cut it off with a razor blade.

Step Five: Add Wood Grain

Take that same razor blade and score small lines in the QuikWood that match the flow of the wood grain pattern.

Step Six: Finish the Patch

Let the QuikWood harden in place. Once the putty dries, gently sand it with sandpaper.

Step Seven: Stain the Patch

Your chip probably doesn’t perfectly match the rest of the veneer. Use gel stains to paint the patch the same color as the veneer around it. It might take a few types of gel stain to get the color exactly right.