A Quick Hack for Removing Staples From Wood

Updated: Jan. 11, 2022

Learn how to remove staples from wood for all of your DIY projects.

HH hook blade staple remover

Hook Blade Staple Remover

I found a little trick for using the hook blade in my utility knife to remove staples from different materials, and it worked very well! Depending on the material and the staple used, I have found that most staples will come right out when using the hook blade.

A quick jerk in the middle of the staple with the utility knife usually quickly removes the staple in one piece. However, sometimes the staples will snap in two and must be pulled out with pliers. But I found that the ease and speed of removing staples using the hook blade out weighs a slower method of prying them out with a screw driver or other tools.

I found this method for removing staples to be both quick and easy! — Neil Long

HH hook blade staple remover