Here’s Where You Shouldn’t Install Your AC

Updated: Feb. 13, 2023

If your AC is anywhere on this list, you need to change the location ASAP.

V J Matthew/Shutterstock

Is there a better feeling than stepping into a crisp, cold, air-conditioned room on a hot summer day? Having an air conditioner certainly is a summer must, especially if it means placing one in the window right next to your bed. Except, that window may not exactly be the best place for your new AC unit.

That’s right, not every window is fit for an AC unit. When it comes to indoor and outdoor AC units, there are some places that you shouldn’t install it. So if you want to double the life of your air conditioner, finding the perfect spot is your first step.

Avoid hotter parts of the house (or yard)

Placing an air conditioner in the hottest parts of your house probably makes sense, given that those sections of the house are the warmest. Sure it will cool that part of the house, but the AC unit will have to work hard to keep it cool, and in return cost you more money to run. If you can, avoid placing the AC directly in that hot area. Find a spot that is shady and not as hot, but close enough for the AC to cool down those hotter areas.

Avoid hiding it

Placing the AC unit in a shady area doesn’t mean putting it behind plants, or couches, or anything else that could get in the way of airflow. Hiding it could mess with ventilation, and if you’re outside, the coils can easily clog with leaves and twigs.

Avoid fire hazards

Be careful of the surroundings! Make sure your unit isn’t hidden and isn’t near anything that could cause any type of electrical fire. If you’re using a window AC unit, you also need to consider the house’s exit plan in case of a fire. Make sure the window unit is not installed in a window that is considered for that plan!

Avoid the trash can

This could be one smelly situation! Your AC unit does need a lot of space in order to breathe and filter the air properly. Air conditioners actually grab the air from their nearby surroundings, which could mean that sweet cool air won’t smell so sweet after all. Plus, having objects too close to the air conditioner means the AC unit will need to work harder in order to grab the air that it needs to cool down the property.

Avoid sharing circuits

AC units require a lot of power, so if you’re plugging in a window unit, make sure to consider the appliances around the area. If the circuit is already powering high-energy appliances like a refrigerator or washing machine, you should find a new spot for the AC.

Now that you found the best spot for your air conditioner, make sure to consider these 10 air conditioning mistakes you can’t afford to make. Because the last thing you want is to waste those dollar bills!