This Grill Brush Uses Steam to Melt Away Stuck-On Food

Updated: Dec. 04, 2023

Never struggle with burned-on food again. This clever grill brush uses steam to eliminate baked-on messes and keep grills looking good all summer.

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Being the designated Pit Boss of any outdoor gathering is an honor, which is why a grill brush is a summertime staple. There’s something to be said about leaning over one of the best grills while in charge of cooking everyone’s burgers. The only downside is when it comes time to clean up. Scraping off baked-on food and charred bits uses a lot of elbow grease, and it’s almost impossible to remove all of the crusties.

If that sounds familiar, it’s time to put down that wire grill brush and opt for something with a little more power. You need the Grand Grill Daddy grill cleaning brush. This steam-powered brush makes cleaning up after any barbecue a breeze.

What is the Grand Grill Daddy grill cleaning brush?

The Grand Grill Daddy grill cleaning brush isn’t your grandpa’s grill brush. This powerful scrubber uses steam to melt off baked-on messes and other residue with ease. It doesn’t require additional grill cleaners to work! We love the inclusion of an ergonomic handle that prevents arm fatigue and allows a strong grip for aggressive scrubbing should you need it—but we don’t think you will.

At 17 inches long, this massive brush is constructed from durable aluminum alloy and weighs a mere three pounds. It’s safe for any type of outdoor grill, including cast iron and ceramic. One side of the cleaner features a wide brush pad, while the tip of the tool has a smaller, equally stiff brush for hard-to-reach areas. Both brush pads are removable and dishwasher-safe.

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How to Use It

Just like other grilling tools, the Grand Grill Daddy grill cleaning brush is relatively simple to operate. Make sure the water valve is in the “off” position. Then, unscrew the water chamber cap and fill the interior of the brush with filtered or unfiltered water. After that, tighten the cap until it’s snug. Once it’s filled, the Grand Grill Daddy is ready to use!

It’s necessary to preheat the grill prior to scrubbing. The heat from the grill is what causes the steam, so preheating is the most important step aside from adding water. Preheating the grill may not be possible with attachments like the Solo Stove cast iron grill top, so use the brush right after grilling while the grates are still hot.

To start cleaning, turn the water valve to the “on” position. The grill tool releases a measured amount of water as you scrub, which turns to steam as it comes into contact with the hot grill plates. If more steam is needed for extra-tough messes, simply loosen the fill cap a little.

Cleaning with the brush couldn’t be easier—just scrub the grill and the steam does the rest. Flip the brush over to tackle hard-to-clean areas with the smaller precision head. Once the grill is clear of debris, pop the brush heads into the dishwasher, drain out any residual water and ensure the water valve remains in the “on” position. It’s travel-friendly, so it’s the perfect companion for your portable grill.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Amazon reviewers comment on how easy it is to clean their grills with the Grand Grill Daddy grill cleaning brush. “I am the person that grills in our home, for me and my husband and for up to 40 people sometimes,” writes verified purchaser Kevin A. He goes on to say, “We have two grills. None of the usual brushes EVER got the grill clean. This brush is brilliant.”

“The hotter the grill, the better it works. The water comes out only if you press it down.” He notes that ordering replacement heads “will not be needed for at least another year.”

Where to Buy the Grand Grill Daddy Steam Cleaning Grill Brush

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The Grand Grill Daddy grill cleaning brush is available on Williams Sonoma and Amazon, and it retails for around $100. Because the brush heads are replaceable, the Grand Grill Daddy is the only brush you’ll need for several years, making this grilling essential well worth the splurge.

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