We Tried Dry Shine’s Ultimate Shine to Gloss Up a Filthy Truck

Updated: Mar. 19, 2024

We tried this ultra-glossy, anti-static and UV-protectant automotive cleaner on everything we could find on my filthy pickup.

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Around the holidays, when people begin spouting their New Year’s resolutions, I always consider a few things I should get better at. Nothing crazy, just the usual stuff — go to the gym, eat less ice cream, and wash and clean my car more often, especially the interior.

On a recent ride home from work, the angle of the late-day sun hit just right to showcase the thick coat of dust on the dashboard of my pickup truck. Ugh. So I made a quick detour and picked up a can of Dry Shine Ultimate Shine to help restore my vehicle’s interior to its previous, glossy brilliance.

What Is Dry Shine Ultimate Shine?

Dry Shine Ultimate Shine is a liquid aerosol cleaning spray formulated to renew and protect vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather vehicle surfaces, inside and out. Its anti-static formula repels dust and protects against harmful UV rays while providing a warm glossy sheen and professional detailing results.

How We Tested It

After digging out a pack of soft microfiber towels, I got to work seeing what the Ultimate Shine could do. I polished EVERY piece of vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather I could find on my 2016 Nissan pickup. Like a kid in a candy store, I polished tires, the dashboard, the center counsel, molded door panels, seat belt buckles, even the small plastic bits in the front bumper and near the grill.

Product Review

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I found that because it’s an aerosol, the Ultimate Shine sprays on in light coats no matter how heavy-handed you are with it. It took multiple coats to build up any sort of glossy shine to my dashboard and molded door panels. But once shining, they stayed looking great for more than a week.

Same with my tires. It took multiple coats of Ultimate Shine but left them looking great, better than any tire shining product I can remember.

The best feature of Dry Shine Ultimate Shine? Its sweet and distinct citrusy-soda smell. Ever since I tried this product, I’ve gotten compliments on the smell from everyone who’s ridden in my newly cleaned vehicle.

The downside of this product is that it’s not meant to clean plastic and rubber surfaces like other automotive interior protective products. Dry Shine Ultimate Shine goes on so light and dry it will polish and shine right over a dried-on drop of coffee in your cup holder, rather than remove it.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying

“Leaves a nice smooth finish on my classic truck and new Mustang,” reviewer Scott Bracken writes on the Dry Shine USA web site. “Both are kept clean, and I prefer not to use water on them. This is the best aerosol product out there.”

On The Home Depot web site, five-star reviewer 4Wheeling Chick writes: “I have been using this cleaner on my UTV for three years and I absolutely love it. It shines up the plastic and interior of my machine like no other cleaner can! I also use it on my tires and wheels and makes it pop again like brand new. I highly recommend it.”

Final Verdict

If you already keep your vehicle clean and polished and you’re looking for a product to provide that extra bump of freshness and long-lasting shine, Dry Shine Ultimate Shine is the product for you. Its easy application, refreshing scent and enduring shine will be welcome addition to your garage or cleaning cabinet.


  • Nice shine;
  • Long lasting;
  • Great on tires;
  • Pleasing scent.


  • Light spray volume;
  • No cleaning properties.

Where to Buy

Dry Shine Ultimate Shine Car Interior Cleaner And Protectant Plus 2 In 1 Microfiber Towels Ecomm Homedepot.comvia merchant

Dry Shine Ultimate Shine is available at The Home Depot and AutoZone.

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