A Water Heater Vent Installed Like This Can Have Lethal Consequences

Updated: Jun. 29, 2023

Installing a water heater vent incorrectly can be extremely dangerous for your family. Learn the wrong way and right way to do it here.

Dangerous Water Heater Vent

incorrect water heater vent installedPhoto: Courtesy of American Society of Home Inspectors

Hot air rises. And so do hot exhaust gases from a water heater. But if an exhaust vent slopes downward, as this one does, exhaust fumes containing poisonous carbon monoxide could leak into the house with potentially lethal consequences.

The Right Way

correctly installed water heater ventPhoto: Courtesy of American Society of Home Inspectors

This vent is sloping upward until it connects to a vent pipe running up through the roof. The hot flue gas rises until it safely exits the building.

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