A Quick Hack to Store Your Clamps

You probably already own all the materials you need for this hack.

All DIYers know the struggle. You’re in the middle of a project and need to quickly secure something. But when you search for your clamps, they’re nowhere to be found.

I finally decided it was time to come up with a clamp storage solution. They were too bulky for my toolbox, and leaving them in random corners of the garage clearly wasn’t working.

A Clamp Storage Solution

I cut a scrap 1×4 to the right length and attached it with brad nails to two exposed studs in my garage. I hung the bar clamps off the top of the 1×4, and the spring clamps on the bottom. This immediately made finding clamps quick and easy. Now they have a dedicated home in my garage, and there’s no excuse to NOT put them back after each use.

And the best part of this hack? It cost me basically nothing because I used wood left over from another project. It only took me a few minutes to measure the wood, cut it to the right length and attach it to the wall.

You can use screws instead of nails if you’re concerned about the weight of the clamps on the wood. I don’t have a large clamp selection, so nails were sufficient.

My garage studs are exposed so attaching the 1×4 was a snap. But you can do the same thing in a finished garage. Take a stud finder and add a spacer between the wall and the 1×4 to allow room for the clamps. Always use solid wood and not an alternative like medium density fiberboard, because the board needs to be strong to support the weight of the clamps.

Alex Shoemaker
Alex Shoemaker is a Florida-based journalist and  handyman who has extensive experience in home remodeling and house flipping. He has worked for numerous print and digital publications and has won awards for writing, photography and pagination.