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      27 Coolest Cordless Tools For Your Collection

      These battery powered tools will blow you away.

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      3 Common Tools Taken to the Next Level

      You'll reach for these convenient tools over and over again!

      10 Must-Have Products to Make Fall Yard Work a Breeze

      Fall yard work doesn't have to be strenuous!

      15 Things Your Neighbors Want You to Stop Doing

      It's not big deal to you, but your neighbors are rolling their eyes!

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      3 Pro-Quality Products All DIYers Should Have at Home

      For homeowners that like to get their hands dirty with a wide variety of do-it-yourself projects, add these products to...

      5 Drill Bit Kits We Think Every DIYer Should Have

      There’s no such thing as a drill bit style that does it all. Different tasks call for different types of...

      A New Use for an Old Paintbrush

      Check out how you can turn one tool into another!

      14 Steel Wool Uses and Applications

      Steel wool pads can be used for a lot of things around the home. Check out some of our favorite...

      12 Products Under $100 That’ll Last You a Lifetime

      You don't have to spend a fortune for quality products backed with a lifetime warranty. From cookware to knives, backpacks...

      Join Harbor Freight’s Inside Track Club to Save Even More Money!

      Join Harbor Freight's Inside Track Club to Save Money

      20 Weird Things You Can Really Buy at Home Depot

      Home Depot is a virtual wonderland for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. Of course, if you spend enough time hunting the...

      The Drilling Tip Every DIYer Needs to Know

      Wood screws are almost always easier to drive and less likely to split if you drill pilot holes first, especially...

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      3 Ways for Woodworkers to Save Money

      Woodworking can be one expensive hobby. High-quality blades, sanding belts and router bits are costly—and worth every penny. Here are...

      Cool Auto Shop Tools You Need

      A garage mechanic's wish list: all the tools you could ever need (and want) in your shop for car maintenance.

      How to Paint Your Front Door

      Spruce up your house by painting your front door. It's an easy DIY project.

      Stuff We Love: Straight Lines

      For this week's Stuff We Love, we're diving into the world of tools that help pros create straight, clear lines...

      8 Tools You Should Snatch Up ASAP

      You'll be reaching for these tools time and time again.

      9 Things Everyone Who Cooks on a Griddle Should Own

      If a griddle is your go-to kitchen gadget, your day is about to get a lot better with help from...

      19 Things You Should Be Buying Used Instead of New

      Pre-owned items can offer big savings and often are almost as good as brand new.

      11 Things You Must Do Before Leaving for Vacation

      You're headed out of town. Tickets are ready, reservations are made, and bags are packed. But before you go on...

      Camping This Summer? Stock Up On This Affordable Gear

      Have plans to go camping this summer? Be prepared for any wilderness adventure with this collection of affordable camping gear.


      Essential Clothing and Gear For Construction Pros

      Imagine new clothes and gear that will help keep you safe, keep you warm, and keep you feeling and looking...

      Stuff We Love: 3 Distinctly Different Framing Hammers

      This edition of Stuff We Love focuses in on three framing hammers with a variety of uses and nifty features.

      Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Love

      While it may not completely erase all of the stress you caused dear ol' dad during your childhood, gifting him...

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      7 Best Women’s Work Overalls

      These women's work overalls have got you covered on the job or off.

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      9 Best Work Cargo and Carpenter Pants for Women in the Trades

      Here's our rundown of the best women's cargo and carpenter pants. Durability and comfort don't have to be mutually exclusive.

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      8 Best Muck Boots for Women

      Be prepared for a rainy (and muddy) day. The best muck boots for women combine comfort, protection and style.